Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Everyone thinks my first name is Funk...that's neat.


Thank you for all of your letters, I was laughing out loud and just felt really loved so thank you so much!
AS the title says, yes, yes it is true, the second coming is surely here! Would you like to know why? IT is because of this man right here! He is a real live Jewish person, directly from the lineage of Levi, and he was just baptized and confirmed this Sunday by the other hermanas that live with us. He read the book of Mormon in 2 days and 6 times in 2 weeks in 3 different languages and was truly converted.

Do you know what this means? When he gets his patriarchal blessing, if it says that he is from the lineage of Levi spiritually as well, he has to be called as a 70 in less than a year, and they have presiding authority.. cool huh? Ya, I know. I told him that I would like to be his friend if that was okay with him and he told me that yes indeed we could be friends and that maybe one time I could come to his house to see his Grammy award that he won, or maybe his records from when he was a spy in Israel or perhaps we could go over the 10 different languages he knows, just to name a few. He is so cool!

Well, in other news, Enio was confirmed and the bishop told us that he was the most popular kid at scout camp. WOOOT. Also, we took him to go visit personas with us, but we also made the mistake of inviting some of the young women... goollllly gee whiz. I felt like we were babysitting. Those girls love him! And he knows it, and he knows that we know it! I felt like a protective mother that didn't want any girl to talk to my little son. haha, but he was bien pilas at the lessons, at contacting and with everything so that was awesome!
We have another little girl that could be baptized this week so if you could ´please pray for Rosita. All we need is her moms permission and then she can be baptized! With the prayers and fasting, I know she will be.
We were so blessed to have 7 investigators at church Sunday! It was truly a miracle and half of them were the family of Enio that we are now teaching so that has been an awesome experience. I really just feel so so blessed.

Now funny moment of the week.

1. We were teaching a 80 or something year old women and I knew her sister had been sick, and so I asked her how her sister was doing. She told me something that I did not understand, and so I took it that her sister was feeling better. So I said, Oh, this is so great that your sister is getting better. My companion tapped me on the knee and said Hermana Funk... she told us her sister died. And then turned to the lady and said, I am sorry my companion is still learning spanish.... Well, shining moment number one, hermana funk.

I am doing well and only have three weeks left of training! I feel so blessed to have all of your support and love and I just love you all so much. My love grows each day for all of you!

Hermana Funk

Ps. everyone here thinks that my first name is funk. that is neat.

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