Monday, June 30, 2014

Love in Guatemala

WEll! I received I think 56 photos from Disneyland, and I LOVED them all! I am serious. And I thought you guys were going this week, and so I was not even thinking about it all last week. But really, I am so glad that it was all so fun!!! 

Even though I was not at Disneyland, It was pretty much a Disneyland here this week! I will start off with the funny moments first.

1. Sunday afternoon there was a flash flood, I am not even kidding, it was the heaviest and the fastest rain I had ever seen, but we had to keep moving forward! And so there we were, walking along side of the highway to get to our next city. But what we didn´t notice is how close we were walking to the side of the highway that had the ditch of bathroom water... you know what I mean... and anyway, it had flooded, and so all the cars on the highway were passing through on this lake of bathroom-water-filled-highway and we just happened to be next to it. Well, long story short when we got to our next visit and explained why we were sopping wet, the lady said... hmmmm I was wondering why it smelled so bad. Thank you hermana, thank you.

2. Do you remember my convert Luis? The one who had like 3 accidents with his head? Well, this week we went to him and he expressed with us his desire that he has been feeling for a long time to get married again and to find another wife.  He proceeded to look me in the eye and tell me... “ya know, it could be you”.  I told him.. “Well, Hermano Luis, you have to pray a lot so that God puts someone in your path that probably isn´t someone you even know yet. Haha it was too good.

AND THE MIRACLES OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!! You know how we have not found someone to be baptized in this month? Well, on Sunday there was a family that came to church that had come another week with their friends but the friend who is in our ward said that they were all members. Well, they came this Sunday again and the son who is 14 came up to us and said, “You know Hermanas, I would really love to be baptized...” WHAT?! So then we were like crying we were so grateful. THEN that afternoon we went to his house to teach him and we were talking to his whole family and mentioning how he was the only one who wasn´t baptized, but then his parents said, “No, Hermanas, none of our children our baptized!” WHAT?! There were three of them and all of them want to get baptized this Sunday.. the last Sunday of the month.. IT WAS A MIRACLE! I truly am so grateful! Just pray so much that it can all work out.

Today I have divisions with the daughter of Hermana Oliphant.... wooooohoooo!I
I love you so much! Thanks for the pics. 


Many Miracles

Family! how are ya?

Well, good news! I only got 6 mosquito bites this week, and no ant bite. JUST to give you the update, ya know! 

Man this week was a busy one! First of all we have been finding MIRACLES. I am serious. I will just number them off.

1. One night it was like 8 in the night and we had visited everyone and didn´t have anyone to visit. I told my companion that we should pray and I knew that God would put someone in our path. We said a pray and I said, ¨ Please help us to find someone who is standing outside of their door that will tell us that they want to listen to us.¨ We opened our eyes and a man walked out of his house and just stood by his car. We asked him if he wanted to listen and he said “Yes”. He has like 7000 children. It was incredible!

2. La Hermanite Dafnee, the one who will be baptized this week has an hermana that has never wanted to listen to the missionaries. NEVER. She runs every time. This past week she came to church out of nowhere and now just loves the gospel and is so willing to listen…and is just waiting for permission from her mom to be baptized. This was a MIRACLE.

3. We were looking for one of our investigators, but she wasn´t home. The only lady who was home was her aunt and she told us that she would listen to us. We taught her about Joseph Smith and she was pretty awesome. We asked her if she would come to church with us the next day, because we taught her Saturday and she said yes! And so we passed by her house on Sunday and she was all ready. Then we took a bus with her to church, and well, you know how we contact the whole bus... well, poor thing, we had to do it even though she was with us. There was a catholic lady who was seated next to her who just started bashing on the church! La Hermana started to defend it! After one day of knowing the church. She will be baptized in two weeks. She rocks. Her name is Ana. Ana Banana. 

God is a God of Miracles! I would appreciate your prayers for my beloved people here. Also, because President Brough is leaving next week and the new Mission President is coming in. I am sure he could use a lot of your prayers... it would be pretty darn tough to take the place of President Brough. I am pretty sad, I love him a whole lot! 

Tomorrow we are going to the temple and I am SO STOKED! Wow. 
I love you all. And just for the record, I learned how to make cheese this week.  Just for the record, after seeing how they do it, I am never going to eat it again.
Love from the Canchita.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hola hola hola

Hola hola hola!!!

Thank you for all of your emails! It is pretttty darn weird for me the Emily graduated! I was thinking about that and it is just pretty weird, and that she is going to college.... even weirder! One never thinks that life goes on... but it sure does!

This week has been so crazy! We had divisions two times this past week and then another one today. I went to a place called Patulul. It is in the coast and it is so HOT! Holy cow! But honestly ANYONE lets you come into their house and teach them, and even though they can’t really understand anything, they rock. They don´t have busses and so they travel in the back of pickup trucks... don´t worry mom, there are guard rails. But it is so fun! You just hop in the back with like forty other people and glide on the streets of the coast... with just some casual waterfalls on the way! It was so cool! Hot, but none- the- less cool. But honestly, I am learning so much from the sisters here. They are so incredible and I know I do these exchanges to help me become a better and more humble missionary.

Well, we did not have a baptism this past week but it is because Heavenly Father is preparing a miracle for this weekend, I just know it! There is one of our investigators whose parents live in the US and she lives with her cousins here in Guate. She has never wanted to be baptized until this past week when she told us that she really wants to do it! It was a miracle! But now we just need so many prayers that her parents are going to let her be baptized. Her name is Dafnee. I would appreciate it so so much! I know we will see a miracle this weekend!

Well, I decided to give you guys a little bit of knowledge about the bugs here is Guate. You see, I have about 40 bug bites on my legs. They consist of mosquitoes, black ants, and red ants. Now, mosquito bites do not even bother me, they are like a luxury compared to the others. Black ants getcha really fast, when they bite it hurts and burns, but after about 5 minutes, it goes away. NOW. red ants. OH ME HECK. I thought somebody had burned my foot! It bites and it BURNS. but then when the burning goes away, it give you an itch so bad that does not letcha sleep, but when you itch it, it burns away. The red ants win first place. Just thought I would put that fun fact in there.

I also ask that you pray for hermano sebastian, and hermana Amalia! WE WILL SEE MIRACLES!
I love you all. Have fun in Disneyland!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's all good here in Guat

Hola mis queridos familiares!

Wow! Didn´t “Les Mis” just look like a spectacular production! I had chills even looking at the pictures. I am excited to see it on the great old DVD player. And that Emily graduates this week. WHAT THE HECK. I cannot even believe it! I will be there with you in spirit!

Well we had changes, and just for the record, YES morg still lives with me, and she is training a new little missionary. She is such a good trainer and her daughter just loves and adores her. She is doing awesome! AND YES I have a new companion! She is a fireball. Her name is Hermana Yepez and she is from Ecuador. I think she is like four foot nine, something like that, but man can this girl walk FAST! I am serious, I have to like run at her side to keep up with her. But she is really awesome and I feel blessed and so it is all good here in this part of Guate.

This week was pretty darn crazy. I was really nervous to do this Sister Training leader thing by myself and have to teach someone else how to do it, and I sure started off with a bang. You see, every month at the beginning of the month, we have a meeting with President, and the Zone leaders. Well, no one decided to tell me that we had the meeting on Monday, I guess I was just supposed to know. Anyway, we can’t take our cell phone out with us on Pday and so when we returned from eating ice cream and grocery shopping, I noticed I had no less than 16 missed calls.. from President... his wife.. the assistants... the secretaries, all the bells and whistles. Anywho, I had no idea why they were calling until we called them back and asked why we weren’t at the meeting that had started two hours earlier.... hmm.. maybe because I was enjoying an Ice cream cone. They all thought that we had been in a bus accident that had happened... shoot. Sure started off this transfer with a bang. oh well, there is always next month. The meeting will be at 10 oclock... July First... in Villa Nueza, but just in case you wanted to know I will be there at 7 just to make sure. oh the cleverness of me.

I ask for your prayers this week! President´s dream is that every companionship can baptize in his last month here in the mission and so are working so hard for it! I ask for your prayers with Jimi and Jorge Luis and Amalia!

I love you all and ask for many prayers this week!!!!