Monday, June 30, 2014

Many Miracles

Family! how are ya?

Well, good news! I only got 6 mosquito bites this week, and no ant bite. JUST to give you the update, ya know! 

Man this week was a busy one! First of all we have been finding MIRACLES. I am serious. I will just number them off.

1. One night it was like 8 in the night and we had visited everyone and didn´t have anyone to visit. I told my companion that we should pray and I knew that God would put someone in our path. We said a pray and I said, ¨ Please help us to find someone who is standing outside of their door that will tell us that they want to listen to us.¨ We opened our eyes and a man walked out of his house and just stood by his car. We asked him if he wanted to listen and he said “Yes”. He has like 7000 children. It was incredible!

2. La Hermanite Dafnee, the one who will be baptized this week has an hermana that has never wanted to listen to the missionaries. NEVER. She runs every time. This past week she came to church out of nowhere and now just loves the gospel and is so willing to listen…and is just waiting for permission from her mom to be baptized. This was a MIRACLE.

3. We were looking for one of our investigators, but she wasn´t home. The only lady who was home was her aunt and she told us that she would listen to us. We taught her about Joseph Smith and she was pretty awesome. We asked her if she would come to church with us the next day, because we taught her Saturday and she said yes! And so we passed by her house on Sunday and she was all ready. Then we took a bus with her to church, and well, you know how we contact the whole bus... well, poor thing, we had to do it even though she was with us. There was a catholic lady who was seated next to her who just started bashing on the church! La Hermana started to defend it! After one day of knowing the church. She will be baptized in two weeks. She rocks. Her name is Ana. Ana Banana. 

God is a God of Miracles! I would appreciate your prayers for my beloved people here. Also, because President Brough is leaving next week and the new Mission President is coming in. I am sure he could use a lot of your prayers... it would be pretty darn tough to take the place of President Brough. I am pretty sad, I love him a whole lot! 

Tomorrow we are going to the temple and I am SO STOKED! Wow. 
I love you all. And just for the record, I learned how to make cheese this week.  Just for the record, after seeing how they do it, I am never going to eat it again.
Love from the Canchita.

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