Monday, June 30, 2014

Love in Guatemala

WEll! I received I think 56 photos from Disneyland, and I LOVED them all! I am serious. And I thought you guys were going this week, and so I was not even thinking about it all last week. But really, I am so glad that it was all so fun!!! 

Even though I was not at Disneyland, It was pretty much a Disneyland here this week! I will start off with the funny moments first.

1. Sunday afternoon there was a flash flood, I am not even kidding, it was the heaviest and the fastest rain I had ever seen, but we had to keep moving forward! And so there we were, walking along side of the highway to get to our next city. But what we didn´t notice is how close we were walking to the side of the highway that had the ditch of bathroom water... you know what I mean... and anyway, it had flooded, and so all the cars on the highway were passing through on this lake of bathroom-water-filled-highway and we just happened to be next to it. Well, long story short when we got to our next visit and explained why we were sopping wet, the lady said... hmmmm I was wondering why it smelled so bad. Thank you hermana, thank you.

2. Do you remember my convert Luis? The one who had like 3 accidents with his head? Well, this week we went to him and he expressed with us his desire that he has been feeling for a long time to get married again and to find another wife.  He proceeded to look me in the eye and tell me... “ya know, it could be you”.  I told him.. “Well, Hermano Luis, you have to pray a lot so that God puts someone in your path that probably isn´t someone you even know yet. Haha it was too good.

AND THE MIRACLES OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!! You know how we have not found someone to be baptized in this month? Well, on Sunday there was a family that came to church that had come another week with their friends but the friend who is in our ward said that they were all members. Well, they came this Sunday again and the son who is 14 came up to us and said, “You know Hermanas, I would really love to be baptized...” WHAT?! So then we were like crying we were so grateful. THEN that afternoon we went to his house to teach him and we were talking to his whole family and mentioning how he was the only one who wasn´t baptized, but then his parents said, “No, Hermanas, none of our children our baptized!” WHAT?! There were three of them and all of them want to get baptized this Sunday.. the last Sunday of the month.. IT WAS A MIRACLE! I truly am so grateful! Just pray so much that it can all work out.

Today I have divisions with the daughter of Hermana Oliphant.... wooooohoooo!I
I love you so much! Thanks for the pics. 


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