Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello, my wife


Woww, there are a lot of things happening at home, aren't there? I feel like sometimes I just expect that everything just stopped at home and will pick up when I get home, but sometimes I just think a little bit wrong. 

Things are certainly picking up here! We are just working like crazy. But this week.... was a week of just complete craziness. 

You know how I told you all about the two miracle baptisms that we were going to have this past weekend? Well, we were planning their baptisms and were so excited because we hadn't baptized in the month of June  when we received a phone call Saturday at 3 in the afternoon. They had some family problems and they had to go WAY far away to the coast because their sister was about to get married to a bad bay... sounds like a love film right? Anywho, long story short is that they couldn't come. WE were like shocked! And so then we started to think okay... we have 6 hours until Saturday ends, we will find someone who can be baptized! So we said a prayer in the middle of the street and started walking. We visited just about every single person that has come to church and that could be baptized and well, they just weren't ready. Then we thought about a little boy named Jorge Luis. He is a son of a recent convert who only comes on the weekend.  Anyway, he had already attended church and had all of the lessons. We went to visit the family and boy did we go at a bad time.

The whole family was fighting. The dad was saying that Jorge Luis could not be baptized and that he could never even return to the house, that the dad had just been baptized just to make his wife happy... and really such crazy things. We left the house and we said.. they are fighting because Jorge Luis will be baptized and Satan doesn’t want this to happen. Despite the fact that they wanted to kill us, we decided to go back and talk to Jorge Luis. We told him that he had to talk to his dad privately and then he had to call us.

At 8 in the night we still did not have a baptism for the next day. We prayed and prayed, but nothing happened. At nine, we returned to our house without ANYTHING. We said our prayer to start our planning and I just pleaded with the Lord that Jorge could call us and tell us that his dad gave him permission.

The SECOND we said amen, the phone rang! All we heard was MY DAD GAVE ME PERMISSION!!!! We started SCREAMING!! IT was honestly such a miracle!! And well, long story short, he was baptized! We were so grateful.

The other two will be baptized this weekend. But really, I know that with exact obedience and with faith and enduring to the end, you will ALWAYS see miracles!! 

We met our mission president and his wife and they are so awesome! I feel really lucky to have had 2 mission presidents. Poor mission mom does not know spanish, but she is just so cute and brought us lemon bars, and so you know, it all pays off.

And now for the funny moment of the week.
Do you remember how I told you that our convert “old Luis” told me that he would pray and fast to know if I was his future wife?? Well, this week he came to church dressed in a suit and tie for the first time! I told him that his tie was pretty and he took it wrong and thought that I told him that he was pretty.... mistake number one goes to Hermana Funk. He was walking into the gospel principles class and looked at me and said, "Hello, my wife." okkkkkay... hahaha I am sorry but it was just so funny. He is 70 years old and has had 3 brain surgeries and so really I am not that worried, but it sure makes for a good story.

I love you all! I finished the Book of Mormon is spanish again and just love it. I carry it in my hand with me wherever I go!! 
Lots of love.

Hermana Funk

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