Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Duck in my backpack

Buenas Tardes!

I loved each and every one of your emails! honestly. whenever I receive an email from your guys, I just feel so loved and blessed so thank you so much!

This week was a good week. We had changes but we didn´t have changes but..... we opened an area. Yes, that is right. We are still staying in our are but now we also having to take on the area of the elders who were sharing the ward with us (because their area was just not seeing any progress. And sooooo now we have a HUGE area. I am serious, it is so huge. but is a blessing, because that just means that Heavenly Father wants us to find more people!

Robyn and Dabeiba were confirmed this week... they are the  two who were the miracle baptisms from last week and it was such a neat experience! They were oh so happy! Then, you know who spoke in Sacrament Meeting?? Yours truly! I had planned a talk on how when we keep our covenants we receive power.. but then during the sacrament I had a distinct impression that I needed to simply talk about how I gained my testimony about Joseph Smith, and so with no talk in hand, I walked to the pulpit and shared my testimony. It was short and simple, but it made my testimony stronger and it is what I needed to share.

Okay, this week was pretty hilarious. Since we are opening the area of the Elders, we have to know all of their investigators. There is this one named Consuelo. She is like 70 years old and LOVES us. I am so serious. We went to her house to visit her Saturday and she told us that she couldn't right then because she was having a family lunch for her birthday. She told us that we could return. So we went and ate lunch and then went back to her house. She opened the door and we walked in to find her and her 20 closest family members. And let me remind you... they are all Evangelics. She told us how she wanted to share her birthday lunch with us but we told her that we had already eaten and were really full. She did not take that for an answer and brought us out a plate.. actually I should say platter of Chicken, potatoes, tortillas, and Duck. spicy duck. I was trying so hard to force it all down my throat without throwing it all up on her table when she brought out some sort of jello surprise with sour cream... I knew I wouldn't be able to finish and so I hid the duck in my backpack and swallowed up the jello surprise. But then I had completely forgotten about the duck that was in my backpack.. with skin and all... until we got to a lesson and I was taking out my scriptures when all of a sudden, the duck came rolling out of my backpàck. It was so embarrassing! But you know what, they fed it to their dog and so all was okay.

I am doing well, and could use some extra prayers right now!!
Love from Guate,

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