Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Survived an Earthquake


Thanks for your letters. I sure love them! This week was an awesome week, and yes, I did celebrate the fourth of July. Morg and her comp received a pineapple, so we all at one slice and all said.. ¨Happy Fourth of July.¨.. in my miranda voice of course. And yep, that was the extent of our Fourth of July celebrations!

BUT I AM SERIOUS! This week was so awesome! Do you remember that family that magically showed up at sacrament meeting but had the three kids that weren´t members? Well, they don’t even live here, and we had only taught them one time, but they wanted to be baptized SO BAD! And so we had it planned that they were going to come Saturday in the night, because we had permission to teach them for two hours and then they were going to have their interview so they could be baptized Sunday.

Well, at 8 o’clock Saturday night they still hadn’t arrived.... and we said, well, if Heavenly Father wants them to be baptized, he will make possible a way for all of this to happen. They didn´t arrive until 9! WE HAVE TO BE IN OUR HOUSE AT NINE! And so, well, we did not teach them anything, but we did not lose the faith! 

Sunday they came to church and our district leader had told us that if we could find a way to teach lesson 2, 3, 4, and 5 before Sundayschool was over, he could have their interviews and they could be baptized. So right after sacrament meeting, we ran to find them and teach them. Poor things. WE taught everything! EVERYTHING. The Lord wanted them to be baptized because they understood every single lesson in a matter of 45 minutes. They both passed their interviews. But this was at 12 49 and then baptism was supposed to happen at one. We didn´t have baptismal clothes, a program, the ward had no idea, and ooops we did not have someone to baptize them. The Lord really wanted them to be baptized because in a matter of minutes, someone came with baptism clothes, the elder randomly had packed baptismal clothes in his backpack that day and so he could baptize them and the ward members agreed to give the talks. This all happened in 10 minutes.

Then comes the baptismal service. I would like to remind you that the parents had been inactive for 15 years although the dad was a returned missionary. After his two kids were baptized, our ward mission leader, who was directing the service asked the kids who had just been baptized if they could share their testimonies. The 18 year old girl got up and just started crying, she could say anything. The dad, got up from his seat and ran to his daughter and gave her a hug and then said ¨I have been inactive for fifteen years. I am a returned missionary. But I could have died until I saw this marvelous day of my children’s baptism. I know this church is true.¨ And then they just stood in front of us hugging and crying. It was such a life changing experience, just to see how much the Lord prepares people.

I thought you all might be wondering about the earthquake... well it happened at 5:27 in the morning and I thought I was dreaming it but then I woke up and our whole room was shaking, and me and my companion just kind of sat there in our beds looking at each other... smart.. we know. But then it stopped. But then we had nausea ALL DAY! But I’m fine. hahaha

And for the funny news of the week... our convert Luis.. that is 75 years old.. that is in love with me asked me this week, ¨Hermana Funk, do you think I wanted to get married to you? Because I couldn’t... you are just a child.. how old are you anyway?¨ and I said ¨19¨ and he looked at me with a huge smile and said ¨ ohhhhhhhhhh you ARE older.¨ hahaha I was dying. 

I love you all and love this gospel! I love the BOM. Read it everyday fam.

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