Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Mission Birthday

Hey Fam!!

Thanks for remembering my birthday!!! I hardly even remembered it... but the people here sure did! It was just so cute and I have never felt so darn loved in my life. So really it was a great day and so you have no need to fear, they celebrated it just fine! My companion, morg and her comp did a surprise birthday party for me with the four of us. A hermana cooked me a full dinner and decorated her house, another gave me cake, another hermana did a full dinner and cake and then the other did tacos and cake. Then today, I got more cake from the missionaries from my zone, and so really, I have tried every cake here in Guate! I would say it was a pretty darn good day.

This week has been really good! We started divisions again for this change and I went to the place where you get to ride in the back of pick up trucks again. Boy, was that just the funnest thing in the world. But really, it all just teaches me that I am here to learn so much more from the hermanas that they are ever going to learn from me. I love it because I just learn how many things I need to change to be able to become better.

Our PILAS family is doing awesome! They came to church this week again and they stopped drinking coffee... I am so serious. everyone and their baby... litterally drink coffee. BUT they are super pilas and so they stopped drinking it and now are preparing to get baptised. I think they will be baptised this 3 de August. But I would LOVE it if you could pray for them, it is the Family Espinosa. Their names are Ernesto and Marlene and they rock.
I  am just here in Guate, trying to re-read the BOM again, I love the Book of Mormon. But really, there is not much to report in this week and so I thought it would be better to send pics.

Hermana Canchita

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