Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am here to serve

Buenas Tardes a todos!

Wel,l Thank you for your emails, I truly love always hearing from everyone and so thank you for not forgetting about yours truly!

Well this week. Let us see! I had divisions with the one and only hermana Oliphant. She rocks! I am so serious. She walks so darn fast and just loves her mission. I felt that she helped me more than I helped her, but I have seen such a change in her and I loved being with her!!

Our pilas investigator Carlos came to church again this past Sunday, but this time in a shirt and a tie and with his hair cut, and boy did the girls go wild. But it was so cool because in the middle of fast and testimony meeting he got up to bear his testimony! He said, ¨I am so imperfect, I have so many changes that I need to make in my life, but I do know one thing, that this church is true.¨ Okay, I seriously was jumping up and down on the church seat I was so darn excited! He is doing so well but he just has a problem with tobacco. If each and every single one of you can pray for him, I know he will make the change!!
My dearly beloved Hermano Luis received the priesthood this past week. Don´t you remember him? My 75 year old boyfriend. Boy you should have seen him walking into the church, his hair TOTALLY slicked down, in a shirt, tie, suit, the whole shoe! And when they sustained him in church to be a priest, he stood up and put his arm way up over his head, as if he was like receiving something. AND THEN in Sunday school, there were about 56 seats, but what would you know, he chose the one right next to me! And I said hello and then halfway through the class he looked over at me and said, ¨Are you like mad at me or something? You just seem really distant.¨ Hahaha I was dying! Nonetheless he received the priesthood and is doing great!

We had the coolest experience with one of our converts. There is a hermana who just had a baby and they live in terrible circumstances. But the ward has been so good to help them out. Anyway, we went to their house to visit them and when we were leaving, we asked if they knew of anyone that we could visit, they said no, but when we left their 6 year old daughter ran out of the house and told us that she had friends that we could visit. She then proceeded to go to each and every one of her neighbor’s house with us and she said, ¨Hello, these are missionaries. They preach the word of God. Want to listen to them?¨ SHE IS 6! It was so awesome! We found 6 new investigators with her.

I had learned a lot this week about how to dedicate my whole self to the work. One Elder in a meeting said, ¨I came here to give my life.¨ and that is exactly why I am here! It doesn’t matter if I am completing one year to me because I know that I am here to work and work hard until the end. I have realized that as I give more of myself, I am happier, have a stronger testimony and that the Lord trusts me more. I am here to serve!!

I love you all. And really love the food here. Just sayin. Ame

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