Monday, August 25, 2014

684 Contacts

Thanks for the emails. They rocked. Thanks for the update on Alpine, I was thinking about your guys as I too was climbing up a dirt mountain to visit a sister... basically we were doing the same thing I think. 

Well.... The thing is that I am leaving my area! We got the phone call on Monday and well, I am out of here! I have no idea where I am going, if I will still be a training sister or not, I really do not know! But the people here have been so darn good to me and I am so grateful to serve here. I absolutely LOVE this place. My companion will continue here and another sister will come, I will tell you all of the details next week! But really I LOVE the people here and all have said that they are going to come visit us in Utah, and so mom, get the Funk suite ready!!

This week has been a crazy week. My companion and I really really wanted to baptize this past week and so we decided that we needed more help from Heavenly Father and decided to make a covenant with him. We told him that every day we promised to contact at least 90 people and invite as many people as we could to be baptized. I am happy to let you know that this past week we contacted 684 people and 94 families. And we invited a ton of people to be baptized. We still have not seen the baptism, but you know what?! TODAY HAS NOT ENDED! We are having a lot of faith, that TODAY before I leave tomorrow that someone will be baptized! I am really excited and I know that Heavenly Father will come through with His part.

I haven’t broken the news to my boyfriend, hermano Luis, that I am leaving... hmm.  I will tell him today, but let the tears flow, right?? haha He keeps calling me doll face and just really cute things like that. The Espinosa family is doing super well and I am going to miss them a TON but I know these changes are for a reason!!

I love you all!!!!!!
Hermana Funk

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