Monday, August 25, 2014

As Fashionable As Ever

Well I thought I would start out this week’s letter with some of the most hilarious things that have happened to me on the mission thus far. Let us begin.

1. It rains here, a lot. And this past week it rained a lot a lot. The people ask us why we don’t have rain coats or umbrellas, but honestly, you just can’t walk as fast when you have something weighing you down and so we don’t use them. We got to the house of an investigador named Consuelo. She is a hermana that is probably 75 years old and just loves us and literally cries every time we leave her house. And sooo we got to her house just sopping wet. Anywho, she saw us and told us that she wanted to give us clothes to borrow. Let me remind you, she is 75 years old. I told her that I was fine and that I didn’t need anything but she insisted and insisted telling us that she had some clothes that she didn’t use anymore. AND SO she went upstairs and bought down the clothes. She first presented the ones that she brought for my companion. A nice floral skirt and a white shirt, wasn’t all that bad. And then she said, ¨Hermana Funk, I was searching and found something that will look PERFECT on you.¨ She then proceeds to had me a lovely bright green dress suit. Like the one that have the matching top blouse and floor length fancy skirt.. kinda like the one you had mom. hahaha but anyway, I saw it and I just couldn’t hold it in. She told us that we could go up to her room to change and when we got up there my companion fell on the floor laughing so hard and I just could not put it on. Hermana Consuelo then proceeds to knock on the door telling me that she had something that might fit me a little better. I open the door and she hands me a mini skit.  A MINI SKIRT. I did the equation and figured it would be better to put on the dress suit then walk out the door in a mini skirt. OH my heck, I have never felt so good about myself in the whole life. We walked out of there looking like models. And did I mention it was raining?? A light green fabric doesn’t hold up to well in the rain... thank you Hermana Consuelo. 
I just had to share that story with you!! 

Our investigators are doing so well. Honestly, we had seen miracles. Ernesto and Marlene and Carlos and others came to church this past Sunday!! We are seriously praying so darn hard that Ernesto and Marlene can be baptized this weekend so that I can be here because I think I am leaving this next week. WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS. We are trying to sacrifice everything we can so that we can see this miracle. I know that it will happen! I just know it!!

Over this past year in my mission, I had learned so many things. But I have decided the most valuable thing that I have learned is to do it all because I love my Heavenly Father. Whatever sacrifice, hardship, hard task, calling, area, companion that he sends me, I need to accept it. Not out of fear or out of commitment to somebody, I can’t be obedient and diligent because the mission asks us to do it, I do it just because I love my Heavenly Father. I have truly planted that in my heart and it has changed me and my mission. You have to let Heavenly Father change you by loving him enough to trust him.

I love you all. Just so you know, my 75 year old boyfriend is doing real well. Brought me treats again this past Sunday and whispered things in my ear during Sacrament meeting. I am so blessed!!!
I love you all. Honestly. And I love my Heavenly Father!

Buenos Tardes Fam!!

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