Friday, January 31, 2014

Hermana Funky Town


My Pday is back to normal, but we always write Tuesdays! It is just some weird days when we don´t, but for right now, it will always be on Tuesday!

Well, I have tried to slow down my pace a little bit this week so that my little daughter did not have any more asthma attacks, and it worked, she only has them when we do exercises, and a few times when I make her run, just so she can become stronger. Its all for the cause, dear. All for the cause! So no I tried not to kill her this week, but all is well! She is learning and is doing so much better. I have only had to wake her up 6 times during our personal studies and told her that if she is sleeping during studying, we are going to wake up at 4 to have extra extra time to study. All for the cause dear, all for the cause. I can see a lot of myself in the first of my mission in her, and so I am trying to be patient and understanding, oh the joys of being a mother, right? Ha, no but really, we are doing just fine!

We had a baptism this week! It was one of the greatest experiences that I have had! My companion will send you the pic because I did not have my camera, but man, it was so awesome! She is a true convert and is already sharing the gospel with her friends and family. It had really made me realize that for me, I do not want numbers of baptisms, I want converts. And really, I have seen that this woman is a convert! I think it was a good experience for my companion to have too, so that she could see that not all of her suffering goes in vain! So ya, I would definitely say that that was the highlight of the week!

Here it goes for the funny moments, because after all, that is all that matters, right?

1. I got bit by a dog. A big dog. A huge dog in fact. I was just walking casually and all of a sudden he just jumps up and bites me right on the elbow... but THANKFULLY I had a sweater and so really it did nothing. Not really funny, but hey, you got to get bit by a dog at least once on your mission, right?

2. I was just knocking doors casually when I decided to knock on a big blue door. A man answers and starts listening and then after a couple of minutes, another man comes up and starts listening, and then another and another. I was amazed and so confused of what was going on! Well, they were listening but were very sort of confused. After the lesson, I backed up on the street and realized that it was a church that is called ¨los nosticos¨ I have no idea how to explain it in English, but it is just a group of men who gather to talk about how they can change people’s beliefs in God or something. Man, major points for this Hermana here.

All in all, it is going well. I feel a lot more happy and dedicated to the work. I only have 1 year left so I got to give it all that I have. I am trying to become a dedicated servant of God. I love you all more than I can explain!!

Hermana Funky town.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Growth comes through trials


How I have just so much to tell you all! wooooowww.

I am training a new missionary.. yes. a brand new missionary! I feel like I am a new missionary myself and really do not feel capable, but ya know I will put all I have into this! You really just want to crown yourself with the world’s best trainer ribbon when she starts crying in the morning of the second day and then has two asthma attacks because you are walking too fast and she is running behind trying to keep up.. dangit.. give me the reward, huh? BUT it is okay! haha I got to let her suffer a little bit so that she can grow. Really, the only way we grow is when we suffer. 

But her name is Hermana Flores de El Salvador, and is very nice! She is willing to do anything and try anything I ask, especially contacting the buses! I just feel like I am still being trained, so I do not know what president Brough was thinking there, but I will continue to do my very best. I could use all of the prayers that you would give!

BUT this past weekend my companion and I, HAD A BAPTISM!!! Yes, a miracle one at that. A true and absolute MIRACLE! It was a girl who came to live in our ward this past week with a family. She had received all the lessons but had never accepted to be baptized. We met her on a Sunday and had an appointment with her Wednesday. Well, they called us and said, Hermana´s you guys need to come because Isabel wants to be baptized as soon as she can.. WHATTTT. Anyway. we went over there and she said, ya know Hermanas, I know this is true and I am done waiting, I am ready to be baptized and I have my baptismal clothes... um okay angel from heaven! So she had her interview and was Baptised! Truly was a miracle! I felt oh so grateful and I knew the only reason we had it was because we were obedient with exactness and had a perfect faith in Christ. Because alone, there is no way we could have done it!

And you know what? We got another one for this weekend!! WHATTT. I really cannot believe it. IT is la hermana Sonia who we have been teaching for a while. Well, she said that she would like to be baptized but would want to wait until her husband could be there because she works away from the house and works for like 20 days at a time. Anywho, We went there last night and we were talking about the importance of fasting and how we knew that is we fasted together, we could see a miracle. She sat there for a minute and then said, ya know hermanas, the reason I am postponing my baptism are superficial, and you know, I need to follow the Lord´s will for me. I will be baptized this Sunday. WHATTT. WE were all crying crying crying. Oh it was so awesome!

Yesterday Elder Cook came to talk to us and two other missions here in Guatemala. He gave us an awesome message but something that impacted me more is that he took the time to shake every single one of our hands, all 750 missionaries. It was so neat.

Well, here I am, just killing another missionary.. but really, that is your job as a trainer. I think I am a trainer because Heavenly Father thought that I needed to be trained again.. yep. that is it.
I love you all and thank you for everything. Pray for me, pero mas importante, ore por mi hija!

Hermana Funk

Friday, January 17, 2014

Until after the trial of your faith

Hola familiaaa!

Thank you for your emails, it really is a great highlight of my week! Well if I had to give this week a name it would be, ¨you never receive a witness until after the trial of your faith, and sometimes the trial of your faith lasts a really really long time.... like a really long time.¨ Yep, that is the name of this week! As a mission we have a goal that every companionship will baptize in this month of January and so we have been working so hard. SO HARD. WE had 19 lessons the other day... a new record, right?  and just never really sleep and pray and pray and fast, But all of our investigators just have their own lil thingsssss.

Por ejemplo, our investigator Roldolfo told us that the Lord spake to him in a dream and told him that he had to wait 8 months to be baptised and also to enter into the church again because he had to many sins to be able to enter the church. He told us it was a commandment from the Lord and that he couldnt do anything about it. But did this stop us? heck no! We had his interview anyway! And now we are having all the faith in the world that he WILL be baptised this weekend. And I know that with your prayers that this will happen!
And all the rest of them just have like little things, like permission from their parents, or just need to get married... little things, right? haha I just cant lose the faith! I would appreciate as many prayers as your lil hearts can handle for this area in Villa Nueva!

But nonetheless, you always need to take the time to laugh, right? And this is something I never forget to do, especially when we are frustrated, I just talk to my comp in my Miranda voice, and we are good to go!
This other day we were walking and there is this man who probably is about 95 years old that is ALWAYS walking, just carrying his little wagon around and always wearing a little helmet. It is the cutest thing. Anyway, I told my companion that we were going to stop to talk to him and he was so happy and told us that he was going to go to church, but he could not understand me for the life of him. He wanted to write down our names and so I told him my name and he wrote it ¨erman fanca¨ well, it is all worth the try. The gift of tongues comes sooner or later, right?

Here in Villa Nueva the members always give you food and I was telling my companion that I feel like I am just gaining so much weight. but then we decided that the day that the men stop yelling for us on the street will be the day we will know we have gained to much weight. hahaha all for the self esteem.
PLEASE pray for a miracle in this area! I know we can see one! Oh and I will not be writing until Thursday next week, so just a heads up.

Much love, much love.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My favorite rejections

Editor's note...Amy will now start e-mailing on Mondays. Also, the pictures...the ornament is one she made in 3rd grade that we sent her to remind her of home.  The girl she is hugging is Morgan Oliphant...a great friend since junior high that is serving in her same mission.

Pues Hola mi familia!!

Gracias for all of your emails, they always brighten up my week so so much and I always just start cracking up in the middle of them and everyone looks at me, but I know it is just out of jealousy! 

Well, this week nothing too exciting happened, but we are just fasting and praying that this weekend we can see another miracle baptism with our investigator that is in a wheel chair, Roldolfo. He has now completely lost his sight due to his diabetes but we got him the book of Mormon on disks and he spends his whole day just listening and listening, he absolutely loves it. He has one of the strongest testimonies I know and I know that with fasting and prayer he can feel worthy to be baptized this week. That is the struggle we are having is that he just feels like he has committed to many sins to be able to be baptized, but really, I KNOW we will see a miracle! My companion and I are just being more diligent and obedient and are fasting 3 times a week to be able to see this miracle and I know that it will come!!

Since there isn't any great news from this week, I decided that I will share some of my favorite rejections that I have received this week, I usually write them down in my journal just to remember how loved I really am here. ps, these all sound way better in spanish, but for your sake, I will write them in English!

1. ¨I am sorry Hermanas, but I really do not have time, I must cook an egg. ¨ WEll, we wouldn’t want to take time away from that egg, now would we. 
2. This was after someone had given me their address,  ¨Okay great hermano, now what is your name?¨ ¨you know, sometimes I just do not have a name.¨ 
3.¨my name is pedro... actually I just remembered.. I forgot my name.¨
4.¨I am not coming to your church because your church is false and I do not like it.¨´
These people here, full of such love. haha really, what a journey.

OH I forgot about great news! Do you remember Alan? The cousin of Enio? He got baptized! I am so stoked. 
I love you all and promise I am giving my all to this and am being exactly obedient!
happy five monthhhhss wooooo!