Friday, January 17, 2014

Until after the trial of your faith

Hola familiaaa!

Thank you for your emails, it really is a great highlight of my week! Well if I had to give this week a name it would be, ¨you never receive a witness until after the trial of your faith, and sometimes the trial of your faith lasts a really really long time.... like a really long time.¨ Yep, that is the name of this week! As a mission we have a goal that every companionship will baptize in this month of January and so we have been working so hard. SO HARD. WE had 19 lessons the other day... a new record, right?  and just never really sleep and pray and pray and fast, But all of our investigators just have their own lil thingsssss.

Por ejemplo, our investigator Roldolfo told us that the Lord spake to him in a dream and told him that he had to wait 8 months to be baptised and also to enter into the church again because he had to many sins to be able to enter the church. He told us it was a commandment from the Lord and that he couldnt do anything about it. But did this stop us? heck no! We had his interview anyway! And now we are having all the faith in the world that he WILL be baptised this weekend. And I know that with your prayers that this will happen!
And all the rest of them just have like little things, like permission from their parents, or just need to get married... little things, right? haha I just cant lose the faith! I would appreciate as many prayers as your lil hearts can handle for this area in Villa Nueva!

But nonetheless, you always need to take the time to laugh, right? And this is something I never forget to do, especially when we are frustrated, I just talk to my comp in my Miranda voice, and we are good to go!
This other day we were walking and there is this man who probably is about 95 years old that is ALWAYS walking, just carrying his little wagon around and always wearing a little helmet. It is the cutest thing. Anyway, I told my companion that we were going to stop to talk to him and he was so happy and told us that he was going to go to church, but he could not understand me for the life of him. He wanted to write down our names and so I told him my name and he wrote it ¨erman fanca¨ well, it is all worth the try. The gift of tongues comes sooner or later, right?

Here in Villa Nueva the members always give you food and I was telling my companion that I feel like I am just gaining so much weight. but then we decided that the day that the men stop yelling for us on the street will be the day we will know we have gained to much weight. hahaha all for the self esteem.
PLEASE pray for a miracle in this area! I know we can see one! Oh and I will not be writing until Thursday next week, so just a heads up.

Much love, much love.

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