Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My favorite rejections

Editor's note...Amy will now start e-mailing on Mondays. Also, the pictures...the ornament is one she made in 3rd grade that we sent her to remind her of home.  The girl she is hugging is Morgan Oliphant...a great friend since junior high that is serving in her same mission.

Pues Hola mi familia!!

Gracias for all of your emails, they always brighten up my week so so much and I always just start cracking up in the middle of them and everyone looks at me, but I know it is just out of jealousy! 

Well, this week nothing too exciting happened, but we are just fasting and praying that this weekend we can see another miracle baptism with our investigator that is in a wheel chair, Roldolfo. He has now completely lost his sight due to his diabetes but we got him the book of Mormon on disks and he spends his whole day just listening and listening, he absolutely loves it. He has one of the strongest testimonies I know and I know that with fasting and prayer he can feel worthy to be baptized this week. That is the struggle we are having is that he just feels like he has committed to many sins to be able to be baptized, but really, I KNOW we will see a miracle! My companion and I are just being more diligent and obedient and are fasting 3 times a week to be able to see this miracle and I know that it will come!!

Since there isn't any great news from this week, I decided that I will share some of my favorite rejections that I have received this week, I usually write them down in my journal just to remember how loved I really am here. ps, these all sound way better in spanish, but for your sake, I will write them in English!

1. ¨I am sorry Hermanas, but I really do not have time, I must cook an egg. ¨ WEll, we wouldn’t want to take time away from that egg, now would we. 
2. This was after someone had given me their address,  ¨Okay great hermano, now what is your name?¨ ¨you know, sometimes I just do not have a name.¨ 
3.¨my name is pedro... actually I just remembered.. I forgot my name.¨
4.¨I am not coming to your church because your church is false and I do not like it.¨´
These people here, full of such love. haha really, what a journey.

OH I forgot about great news! Do you remember Alan? The cousin of Enio? He got baptized! I am so stoked. 
I love you all and promise I am giving my all to this and am being exactly obedient!
happy five monthhhhss wooooo!


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