Thursday, January 23, 2014

Growth comes through trials


How I have just so much to tell you all! wooooowww.

I am training a new missionary.. yes. a brand new missionary! I feel like I am a new missionary myself and really do not feel capable, but ya know I will put all I have into this! You really just want to crown yourself with the world’s best trainer ribbon when she starts crying in the morning of the second day and then has two asthma attacks because you are walking too fast and she is running behind trying to keep up.. dangit.. give me the reward, huh? BUT it is okay! haha I got to let her suffer a little bit so that she can grow. Really, the only way we grow is when we suffer. 

But her name is Hermana Flores de El Salvador, and is very nice! She is willing to do anything and try anything I ask, especially contacting the buses! I just feel like I am still being trained, so I do not know what president Brough was thinking there, but I will continue to do my very best. I could use all of the prayers that you would give!

BUT this past weekend my companion and I, HAD A BAPTISM!!! Yes, a miracle one at that. A true and absolute MIRACLE! It was a girl who came to live in our ward this past week with a family. She had received all the lessons but had never accepted to be baptized. We met her on a Sunday and had an appointment with her Wednesday. Well, they called us and said, Hermana´s you guys need to come because Isabel wants to be baptized as soon as she can.. WHATTTT. Anyway. we went over there and she said, ya know Hermanas, I know this is true and I am done waiting, I am ready to be baptized and I have my baptismal clothes... um okay angel from heaven! So she had her interview and was Baptised! Truly was a miracle! I felt oh so grateful and I knew the only reason we had it was because we were obedient with exactness and had a perfect faith in Christ. Because alone, there is no way we could have done it!

And you know what? We got another one for this weekend!! WHATTT. I really cannot believe it. IT is la hermana Sonia who we have been teaching for a while. Well, she said that she would like to be baptized but would want to wait until her husband could be there because she works away from the house and works for like 20 days at a time. Anywho, We went there last night and we were talking about the importance of fasting and how we knew that is we fasted together, we could see a miracle. She sat there for a minute and then said, ya know hermanas, the reason I am postponing my baptism are superficial, and you know, I need to follow the Lord´s will for me. I will be baptized this Sunday. WHATTT. WE were all crying crying crying. Oh it was so awesome!

Yesterday Elder Cook came to talk to us and two other missions here in Guatemala. He gave us an awesome message but something that impacted me more is that he took the time to shake every single one of our hands, all 750 missionaries. It was so neat.

Well, here I am, just killing another missionary.. but really, that is your job as a trainer. I think I am a trainer because Heavenly Father thought that I needed to be trained again.. yep. that is it.
I love you all and thank you for everything. Pray for me, pero mas importante, ore por mi hija!

Hermana Funk

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