Friday, January 31, 2014

Hermana Funky Town


My Pday is back to normal, but we always write Tuesdays! It is just some weird days when we don´t, but for right now, it will always be on Tuesday!

Well, I have tried to slow down my pace a little bit this week so that my little daughter did not have any more asthma attacks, and it worked, she only has them when we do exercises, and a few times when I make her run, just so she can become stronger. Its all for the cause, dear. All for the cause! So no I tried not to kill her this week, but all is well! She is learning and is doing so much better. I have only had to wake her up 6 times during our personal studies and told her that if she is sleeping during studying, we are going to wake up at 4 to have extra extra time to study. All for the cause dear, all for the cause. I can see a lot of myself in the first of my mission in her, and so I am trying to be patient and understanding, oh the joys of being a mother, right? Ha, no but really, we are doing just fine!

We had a baptism this week! It was one of the greatest experiences that I have had! My companion will send you the pic because I did not have my camera, but man, it was so awesome! She is a true convert and is already sharing the gospel with her friends and family. It had really made me realize that for me, I do not want numbers of baptisms, I want converts. And really, I have seen that this woman is a convert! I think it was a good experience for my companion to have too, so that she could see that not all of her suffering goes in vain! So ya, I would definitely say that that was the highlight of the week!

Here it goes for the funny moments, because after all, that is all that matters, right?

1. I got bit by a dog. A big dog. A huge dog in fact. I was just walking casually and all of a sudden he just jumps up and bites me right on the elbow... but THANKFULLY I had a sweater and so really it did nothing. Not really funny, but hey, you got to get bit by a dog at least once on your mission, right?

2. I was just knocking doors casually when I decided to knock on a big blue door. A man answers and starts listening and then after a couple of minutes, another man comes up and starts listening, and then another and another. I was amazed and so confused of what was going on! Well, they were listening but were very sort of confused. After the lesson, I backed up on the street and realized that it was a church that is called ¨los nosticos¨ I have no idea how to explain it in English, but it is just a group of men who gather to talk about how they can change people’s beliefs in God or something. Man, major points for this Hermana here.

All in all, it is going well. I feel a lot more happy and dedicated to the work. I only have 1 year left so I got to give it all that I have. I am trying to become a dedicated servant of God. I love you all more than I can explain!!

Hermana Funky town.

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