Friday, February 7, 2014

6 Months Down


This week has been a good week, and ya know what it is even weirder? I have less than a year left on my mission.... wooo crazy. Way crazy. But you know what that means, I just need to work harder and put in my all because I have a feeling that this year is just going to fly!
This week I would like to tell you about some experiences that have really made me realize just how great Guatemalan people are... now here it goes.

1. I had expressed to a member that one of the things that I missed most from the United States was carpet because nobody has it and I had not seen it all my mission and I missed going barefoot on the floor. Well, it was just a small conversation and I had forgotten about it. But the next day when we were walking back to our house one night, the guard stopped me and told me that he had something for me. And walked backed into his office and brought out a little patch of carpet! He told me that a lady had dropped this off for me! She had searched and searched to just find this little patch. I truly was so touched.

2. There is a lady in our ward that sells fruit outside of her house because she does not have a job and is trying to make a little bit of money to support her kids. One day we were walking past and I told her how much I loved watermelon, but just kind of like a passing statement. The next day we walked by again and the lady told me that she had something for me and brought me out a whole watermelon and told me that she had bought this for me at the market because she wanted me to have it at my house! She literally has nothing but did this for me. Truly touched again!

It really just teaches me that I need to be a whole lot less selfish. I just feel so grateful for all of the love these people have.

Our investigators.. well.. all of them are having a problem with the Word of Wisdom or the Law of Chastity, but you know what? I am not giving up on them! I have more faith than ever and I know that if we are obedient, but more importantly, if we pray for them that they will be able to progress! I would appreciate your prayers for hermano Jonny, Javier and hermanas Joseline and Julisa!!

Funny moments of the week:

1. We went to the house of our investigator and his wife told us that he wasn’t there because he was out in the street drinking... what a pleasure. Anyway, she told us that we could go find him and so we went out looking. We knew that he would be close to a store and so we were looking for all the stores that were near to that place. When we couldn’t find it, our member that we had with us suggested that we go and ask someone. And so she went up to this guy that was smoking and said... "Hey, we are looking for a place that will sell us beer. Where can we find it?" hahaha I WAS DYING!!! I ran up and kindly explained to the man that we weren’t the ones who wanted beer but that we were looking for someone that would be drinking beer close to a store. Haha it was just so funny.

2. We were teaching the guard that is outside of our residential where we live. Well, we went over there and started talking with him and this other man just appears out of nowhere. He asked me where I was from, but he asked me in English! I told him I was from Utah and he was like "No way! I used to live there! What part?" I told him in Salt Lake and he was like, "Oh like 39th south?" I was shocked! hahaha I have never met anyone who knew Utah in this place. BUT THE BEST PART. HE asked me, "Oh, do you know about the Good ole Chinese Gourmet"? hahahaha I knew he was a true Utahan because not just anyone knows about that place!

My companion is doing better! Still cries.. but hasn’t had an asthma attack! We are getting somewhere!
6 months... woooo. Love you all!


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