Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A week of many emotions

Thank you all so much for you emails this week, how I absolutely love love and am literally laughing out loud while I read them! Thank you thank you and thank you very much!

This week.... whoa. It has been a week of just about every single emotion! Remember how in the last week I said that we had to get our investigator to quit his job to be able to come home and be baptized? Well, you see, one day this week we were in a bus and I get a phone call from one of our members and he tells me, HERMANA! Manuel is here in VIlla Nueva! He came back! I started screaming, poor things on that bus but I was just so excited! And so we ran home and we saw him and he had come home to look for another job and because he wanted to be baptized! Anywho, he had his baptism interview and well, woooopppsss... we did not teach the Word of Wisdom very well. BUT do not fear, he will be baptized in two weeks, he just has to work out a few things. But the important thing is that he came home and practically quit his job so that he could have the opportunity to be baptized. He is so awesome! I just feel so grateful!

Our little Hermanito Josue did not come to church because he was fishing with his dad, and so we went to his house Sunday afternoon. I think I forgot to mention last week that there are about 25 people that live in his house and so we always find someone new. Anyway, we had planned to invite Josue and his mom to a family home evening in the casa de one of our members. And so we invited them and told them that we were going to return in the night to get them and walk over to the member’s house. Well, we showed up in the night and Josue didn't leave his house, but literally nine of his little cousins left, and three of their moms. All dressed and ready to go to family home evening. So there was me and my companion, walking with 9 children and their moms  in the streets of Guatemala, (Sunday night, I must add is the favorite night to drink) to the house of this family. I felt so bad hahaha because we had told the family that we were only going to bring two... but then we show up with like 14 people.. oops. But it was so fun! They just loved it, even though the member gave an hour long lesson about family history, they just loved every minute.

The bus adventure continues to flourish. We contact every bus with the Book of Mormon and we have found some PILAS people from this. These people here sell the funniest things on the bus, like mini sewing machines, jello, medicine to kill parasites from chicken... it just beings me back to the days of buying Turbo Jam from an infomercial. I always want to buy the things, and only sometimes I do it.... :)

I am giving my all to this place, I am so grateful for this opportunity. I know that the time will go by so fast and so I am just trying to love every moment!!!
I love you all!


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