Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Working harder than ever

Hola mi querida familia!!

Thank you oh so much for your emails! They are always such a huge positive note for my days, so really thank you so much for taking the time to do that for me. One doesn't really realize the love that they have for their family until they are not with them anymore, and so really thank you!

This week has been a woooo crazy one! We are just working oh so hard because we have a goal of 400 baptisms in the month of March, which means that every companionship has to baptize at least 4 people! We are working just as hard as ever and we had the baptism interview planned of one of our investigators named Hermano Jonni. He is a mechanic and loves loves loves the Book of Mormon. Boom. But we waited two hours at the church for him because he was finishing working on a car, but hey he passed his interview! And so we had everything planned, but then he decided that he wanted to go to the beach with his sons instead of being baptized, and so I asked our district leader if we could go to the beach and baptize him there... surprisingly he said no, but he will be baptized this week!! Wooo! Satan is working so so so hard with our investigators, but hey this just means we have to work harder :) And that my friends, is exactly what we are doing!

We had such a funny experience this week. We decided to do an activity with the Young men and young women of the ward and dress them up as missionaries, give them name badges and go to the park to contact families. It was hilarious! We have this group of 6 deacons in the ward who look more like they are six that were just so excited and just about scared every person in the park away from the church, but it was just so great! I will send that pic.. it is priceless!!

My companion is doing well! She has not had an asthma attack in almost a month now and only got hit by a bike once last week... it wasn't funny at all.. okay it was hilarious but I had to show a lot of sympathy!

This week more than anything, my love for the Book of Mormon has grown. We have a goal that in every lesson we use at least 2 scriptures from the Book of Mormon and that every night we pray to have our own testimonies strengthened. It is INCREDIBLE! I literally can say that I would give my life for this Book and that these people will only be converts if they read the Book of Mormon.

I love you all and thank you so much for everything!!

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  1. Hi my name is Laura North and my son is in the Cobán Mission also. We have a Facebook page for moms of the Guatemala mission and I was wondering if you (assuming it is mom updating blog) were interested in joining. It is great to get together and talk about our kids and the highs and lows of missions. If you are interested you can add me on Facebook Laura Dinoff North or shoot me an e-mail at laura@theorths.net. Hope to hear from you! You have a beautiful daughter, it has been fun looking around her blog. My sons blog is elderjernorth.blogspot.com