Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hermanita Funkarama


I appreciate all of your concerns about my robbery, but really, I am just grateful that they didn't rob my clothes, or scriptures, or my yogurt.. ya know, the things you actually need to be a missionary! So really, I am just fine! I haven't even thought about it really, because those things do not matter to me right now :)
But thank you, and do not worry, we had bars put up on our window, so every night we are locked up safely in our little jail cell.

Well, it just seems that Satan is not giving up, but ya know what? We are not giving up either! This week Hermano Manuel came home! (He is the husband to la Hermana Sonia, that got baptized like a month ago) and anywho, he was so ready to be baptized! And he had his interview and passed and was so excited! But then that night he went out with his brother in law, (you know those brother in laws always causing trouble... the great Dayne) and they pressured him so much to drink that he gave in and came home completely drunk. And so Hermana Soina sent us a text and told us that he couldn't be baptized that day. I felt so sad! Not for myself, but for him because I just love this family so much!

But the biggest miracle of all is that he came to church that Sunday and then that night we went to his house and he gave the lesson about repentance and told us that he had repented and is preparing to be baptized the 30th of March! Woo!! And so Satan can sure fight, but really, he can never win!

We had a little miracle show up to Sacrament Meeting this week! A little boy named Felipe (flippy for meg :) ) and he is nine years old and was never baptized and he wants to be baptized so bad! And so he will be baptized this next weekend too!

But I know that all of these miracles are coming from sacrifices! We are trying to sacrifice all that we can! Our sleep, our P-day, food, showers (haha jk, I still shower.. sometimes, okay really I do shower) and everything we can so that Heavenly Father knows how much we want this! I know that it will pay off!
Funny moment of the week: We were passing through a street and a little child looked at me and asked his mom, "Mom, look, what is that?!" "Its a gringa honey," "ohhhh wowww!" Thank you. Thank you. How very nice of you!

Life is good here. Just trying to work so so hard. I love you all!
Hermanita Funkarama

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