Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Ministering of Angels


Man I have so much to write this week that I am deeply sorry if I do not get to the personal emails this week, but really, this has been one of the most miraculous weeks that I have seen, and I know that it is because I had Grandpa at my side the whole time.

 La hermana that has polio told us that she was not going to be baptized because of her polio and she knew that she would fall into the baptismal font…even after I had told her that I knew she would have angels holding her up. I prayed and prayed that the Lord would send grandpa to be with her and to give her an answer that this is what she needed to do.

Thursday night we went with her and she just starting crying and crying out of nowhere. She told us that she felt so strongly that she needed to be baptized. At that moment, we were all crying together, and I knew for certain that I had an angel sitting next to me that was crying right along with us.

She had her interview and passed and we had everything ready for Sunday. We had to have two people help her into the font because she really does not have any strength in her legs. As she was just about to go in the font, she started trembling and shaking because she was so nervous that she was going to fall. I said a silent but one of the most fervent prayers that I have ever said in my life, pleading with the Lord to send grandpa to her. Just right after the prayer, the two hermanos carried her into the font with ease and I knew that someone else was standing right there in the baptismal font with them, giving them the strength that they needed to be able to baptize her. I could not hold back the tears. It was the closest I have ever felt to my grandpa at the moment and a pure witness of ministering angels. I was so grateful!!!

 This week we had an awesome activity!! WE went with the Seminary class at 4:30 in the morning to give out morcaff  (a coffee that is made of cereals…it is the Mormon coffee here ) to the people who were leaving to work, to teach them about the Word of wisdom and how they shouldn´t drink coffee. It was hilarious, but they all did such a good job (Even though it was four thirty in the morning.)

 It is almost Semana Santa here in Guatemala and so every Friday night the Catholics do a procession in which like 400 people from the catholic church carry this float with a statue of Jesus and Mary on it. It is a big deal for them and somehow my companion and I always get stuck behind this huge procession. Well, this time we got stuck in the middle of it, right behind the huge float. And so there we are, two Mormon missionaries, practically carrying this float with Jesus on it. So then we were trying so hard to get out of the procession and we got smooshed up against the curb. When we looked up, we were standing underneath a strip bar. And so I will let you decide, which is worse, being in the catholic processional, or being in the doorway to a strip car, unable to move?

 This week has been so awesome, and you know what?! Hermano Manuel came home this week so that he can be baptized!!! WOOO! I feel so grateful.

I love you all!  ame

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