Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A series of very unfortunate events...

Well Family, here it goes. The series of unfortunate events, the events that happen when Satan really does not want a baptism

AND SO. WE have been working and working and working with one of our hermanos, se llama el hermano Johny for this whole week to get him baptized! And so finally Friday we had his interview and we stopped by his house like one hour before because he is a mechanic and he always gets caught up in his work. And so we went to his house and he told me that he was just leaving, so we went to the church without him.
2 hours later at the church.... we were still waiting for our Hermano Johny to show up, and no sign. His phone was turned off and everything and so after two hours, we decided that we would just have the interview the next day.

ANYWHO, that night we found him and he told us that he had completely forgotten because he was working hard on his car and that he could have his Saturday morning.  Sooooo we decided that Saturday would be great!

ANYWHO, we returned to our house that night and we started to plan when all of a sudden I noticed that my camera was missing from the table. I thought to my elf, how strange, how strange. Anywho, we decided to keep on planning when I looked in my money pouch on my desk and realized that all my money and my ipod were gone too! How strange, how strange.  Then it hit me! We got robbed. But as luck would have it, only I got robbed. Of all my money, my camera and my ipod. How strange that our neighbors moved that day. They just decided to take something so that they could remember me, right? They had broken our window and took the stuff!  But I was not going to let this affect me and we just continued. (You can’t really call the police here in Guat, because they don’t do anything. But really, I am just fine :) )

Anywho, Saturday came and we called Hermano jonny about 17 times so that he would not forget about his interview! And he came! BUT surprise, no one had keys to the church! Would you look at that. But after about 1 hour of searching for someone to give us keys, we found them! And so we had the interview and he passed and so we had the baptism all planned for the next day.

SUNDAY Morning at 6 in the morning, we were calling Johny to wake him up because he loves to sleep and sometimes he just does not wake up. And we called and called, and no one was answering and so we decided we better run to his house. And so at six in the morning we ran (and I might add, this man lives on like a mountain) And we knocked on his door and NO ONE CAME OUT! And then we looked in his car and he was sleeping in his car. We absolutely scared him to death, but we pounded on his car and woke him up.

And por fin..... he walked in to sacrament meeting about one minute before the sacrament, and then after, HE WAS BAPTISED!
Wow, I have never seen Satan work harder on a baptism, but Heavenly Father always wins if his troops are strong enough!
I plead and plead for your prayers for Hermano Manuel, he will be baptized this next week!
I love you all!

Love, money-less,- camera-less,- ipod-less,-have had 2 hours of sleep in a week-happy camper and still a smile on my face Hermana Funk

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