Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Cockroach Friends

Yes, our house is infested with cockroaches. It is awesome, especially when I find them in my yogurt, or in my bed, in my scriptures, just really special presents that the Lord is sending my way! Haha but that is okay, everyone has their own trials and little critters are my special treat.

This week was amazing!!!! Hermano Manuel came home and he had his baptism!!! IT was so so neat to baptize a family and the Hermana Sonia (his wife that got baptized in January) spoke at his baptism and it was so awesome! He was so happy.

We also had the baptism of Hermanito Felipe. I am not sure if I have told you about him! He is a nine year old little boy that came to sacrament meeting three weeks ago and told us that his family were all members but that he hadn't been baptized yet, and so we taught him for two weeks and then he was baptized!! WOOOOT! Miracle miracle miracle!!

This week we are so blessed with another baptism! WE were knocking doors and we found a lady, and she told us to wait for a second and then brought out the plan of salvation pamphlet, and told us that she has been looking for missionaries for a long time! She has a friend who had been talking to her about the church and really loved it and wanted to be baptized and that she already had one attendance at church... and so we are teaching her so that she can be baptized this Sunday!!

The only way that we are seeing miracles is through sacrifices and obedience with exactness, it honestly is the key to all success, I just feel so grateful!!!!!

And well, my companion is doing better! I only have two more weeks with her... weird. But I know that she will be able to do it on her own. I think it is the feeling that a mother has when they have to send off their little kindergartener for the first time. hahaha

The Catholics are overpowering these weeks because of their "semana santa" but you know, we are thinking of making a float of the book of Mormon and carrying it behind their procession.
So here I am, cockroach infested, happy filled, and ready to work some more.

I love you all!!

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  1. Amy! I don't know if you have a fridge, but one thing I've picked up from other folks from the South who have cockroaches is that you should store all of your food (including cereal etc) in the fridge to protect against the roaches.