Tuesday, April 15, 2014

House guests galore!

I would first like to inform you all about our lovely home. We too have had many guests this week. I will now tell you the following.

1. FRUIT FLIES. I AM DYING. They do not like fruit, they like our beds, our bathroom, our shower, our mirror, our clothes, our makeup and everything. We have over 100 in our house. And this in not a joke. You may think it is because we are messy, but we have cleaned the house about 5 times and do not have any sight of food. It is awesome.

2. THE ANTS. They were scared of the fruit flies and so they decided to hide in our desks. And when I say in our desks, I mean our scriptures, our books, all the nooks and crannies. They are jealous because the fruit flies have now taken over our food.

3. The cockroaches. They are scared of them all and so hide in our microwave. They have also started a welcoming committee to welcome us home at the door each night. It was so thoughtful of them.

There is hardly any space in our whole house for us to live! We are praying so hard that they will just all leave.

Well, I have some sad news. I am leaving my area tomorrow! I got the call today and I will be leaving tomorrow! I am pretty sad, but honestly I feel like the Lord is calling me to somewhere. I feel like I worked the hardest that I could in Villa Nueva and that my work here is finished. My little daughter is very afraid for me to leave but honestly, I am so grateful for the experience that I had to train. It teaches you so much humility, honesty, and the willingness to change even though sometimes you do not feel like you have done anything wrong. I feel like I was called to train more to help me than to help her. I am so grateful!
I am not sure where I am going yet, or who will be my companion, but I will able to let you all know next week.

This week one of our members came to us and asked us if we could come to his son’s birthday party to be the entertainment and give a lesson. So there we went, with all the children waiting for the cake and presents, teaching them about Nephi and his bow. I thought it was so funny! Who asks the missionaries to be the entertainment?! hahaha Sorry dad, bubbles the clown has been voted out.

Hermanito Felipe got confirmed this week and we will have the other confirmations next week! Pray that in our area here in Villa Nueva we can see more progressing investigators. I love you all so much! Please pray that the bugs leave my house!


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