Saturday, April 12, 2014

My spirits are high and my testimony is stronger than ever!

Well well well! How I just LOVED General Conference! I was able to watch it in English with all the elders and a girl who had served her mission in Salt Lake City, so I was just so happy! It just is not the same in Spanish, and so I was so so grateful!

This week was a good week. We have welcomed new guests in our home now. Ants. With the cockroaches. They fight over our food! And they are just finding their way in to every little spot in the house. Hey at least we never run out of things to do... right? WE also have new neighbors. They have a baby. That is two. That screams. The whole night long. And the man is always smoking right outside of our window, so that is a special thing. Such nice things in our humble home!

This week we had a baptism of a miracle lady who when we taught her for the second time had already attending church with her friend and wanted to be baptized so bad!  And so we had to teach her so fast. I mean so fast! WE taught her plan of Salvation, Book of Mormon, the study of the scriptures, prayer and obedience all in one lesson! Poor lady, but hey she was baptized!! Her name is Eugenia Galinda and had a friend come to her baptism that was so mad at my companion and I because we did not iron the baptismal clothes for Hermana Eugenia before she was baptized... I am so sorry that I did not think of that since they were going to be wet in about 2 seconds... man the people here.

My companion and I are doing very well! WE eat a lot of tortillas, bread, arroz con leche and cookies. and so really, life is good! We have changes next week and so we will see where my little daughter is off too! I think I will have a little break from training for a change and so that will be nice!

I am just here, the only white person in Villa Nueva. My Spanish still is not perfect, but hey I am getting there. My spirits are high and my testimony is stronger than ever. I love the people, my companion and the Lord. And yes, This is what a mission is all about!

I love you all and if you could pray that the cockroaches will please leave I would be so grateful. I am tired of waking up to them on my bed, on my face, just really fun things.
love love love.

Hermana Funk

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