Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's all good here in Guat

Hola mis queridos familiares!

Wow! Didn´t “Les Mis” just look like a spectacular production! I had chills even looking at the pictures. I am excited to see it on the great old DVD player. And that Emily graduates this week. WHAT THE HECK. I cannot even believe it! I will be there with you in spirit!

Well we had changes, and just for the record, YES morg still lives with me, and she is training a new little missionary. She is such a good trainer and her daughter just loves and adores her. She is doing awesome! AND YES I have a new companion! She is a fireball. Her name is Hermana Yepez and she is from Ecuador. I think she is like four foot nine, something like that, but man can this girl walk FAST! I am serious, I have to like run at her side to keep up with her. But she is really awesome and I feel blessed and so it is all good here in this part of Guate.

This week was pretty darn crazy. I was really nervous to do this Sister Training leader thing by myself and have to teach someone else how to do it, and I sure started off with a bang. You see, every month at the beginning of the month, we have a meeting with President, and the Zone leaders. Well, no one decided to tell me that we had the meeting on Monday, I guess I was just supposed to know. Anyway, we can’t take our cell phone out with us on Pday and so when we returned from eating ice cream and grocery shopping, I noticed I had no less than 16 missed calls.. from President... his wife.. the assistants... the secretaries, all the bells and whistles. Anywho, I had no idea why they were calling until we called them back and asked why we weren’t at the meeting that had started two hours earlier.... hmm.. maybe because I was enjoying an Ice cream cone. They all thought that we had been in a bus accident that had happened... shoot. Sure started off this transfer with a bang. oh well, there is always next month. The meeting will be at 10 oclock... July First... in Villa Nueza, but just in case you wanted to know I will be there at 7 just to make sure. oh the cleverness of me.

I ask for your prayers this week! President´s dream is that every companionship can baptize in his last month here in the mission and so are working so hard for it! I ask for your prayers with Jimi and Jorge Luis and Amalia!

I love you all and ask for many prayers this week!!!!

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