Thursday, May 29, 2014

Please Pass the Hot Sauce

Hey there fam!

About the subject title, do not ask me why, but this week I have wanted to eat hot sauce almost every single day.... and mom not only ketchup... like REAL hot sauce. I have never liked it before, oh well, I have seen weirder things happen.

About my rib, because you all seem to be a little bit worried. I went to the mission nurse and she told me that she wanted me to see the doctor. I was a little worried because it would take up a whole day of time when we were supposed to have our last divisions of the change and so I just prayed so hard that the Lord would take away the pain if i promised him that I would work even harder, and you know what?? He sure did his part! I still have had pain but just less and less ,it has been great and I feel so grateful! Do not worry, I will not be playing twister or dancing the salsa anymore!!

This week we had divisions in the Coast. OH MY HECK. I felt like I was in an oven and that someone was pouring boiling water on my face. It is so darn hot! I look up to those hermanas that work there every single day. It was awesome though and really I learn so much more from them than they learn from me. 

We had two baptisms this week! Well I shouldn´t say that, I should say that God blessed us more than I can even say! He knows that we are hardly in our area and so he has to do a lot of the work here. But after about 9 months, Jimi finally gave permission for his sons to be baptized! All that his little son wanted was that his dad could give the prayer at his baptismal service. Jimi isn´t a member or anything, and so he was really doubting it. But came the day of his baptism, he got up there in front and gave the shortest and most sincere prayer that I have ever heard. It was such a special day!!! And now Jimi may or may not be getting baptized in these next couple of weeks. I am serious, I love this family so so darn much. 
My companion is leaving me tomorrow! I have no idea how I am going to be able to do it without her, but the lord wants me to be humble and wants to teach me something. I have no idea who my companion will be, but I am just trusting in the Lord-
I love you all!!! Feliz dia.

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