Friday, May 23, 2014

The Hunchback of Guatemala

Hola Familia Funk!!

Well, thank you for all of your letters, it is just always the greatest!! I love hearing about the crazy little things that happen and just bursting out laughing and all the missionaries look at me, whatevz, good experience.

This week was a weird week! Almost every single person that we contacted, just for the record we contacted 626 people, rejected us! They were all from other churches, or didn´t like us, or just all fun things like that! But you know what I have learned? When we are rejected, our testimony that we have shared with them, bounces off of them and gets put right back into us, only stronger. It has really strengthen my testimony, and so don´t be afraid of getting rejected, see it as an opportunity to strengthen your own testimony!

Hermana Luis was confirmed... and well, remember how I said that he was had an accident and had 5 brain surgeries? Well when they called his name for him to be confirmed, he lifted his arms oh so high and thought that they were calling on him to give a talk... poor man. poor congregation. But in the end he was confirmed, but then got a little confused and decided that he was going to go home from church by himself, and well, he got lost, but after about four hours we found him, and the good news is, he is in his house! haha this man. I will tell ya what.

We are going to have a baptism this next weekend! of a little boy who has been waiting for permission from his dad for like a year now, and we really feel that this week he will get permission, and so if you could just pray for the hermanito michael and his dad, jimmy, I would appreciate it oh so much!

Well, the news for this week, one of my ribs is out of place and so I have a bulge on my side and terrible back pain all the time! NO idea how I did that... guess I need to quit playing twister and salsa dancing with all of the men here, huh? But I have figured out that if I keep my shoulder bone really close to my back, and lean to my side, it doesn´t hurt, but it also makes for a great scene of the Hunchback of Notre Dame here is Guate.

All in all like is good and I am happy. I love you all!

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