Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Love from Guatemala (and all of the drunks on the street)


 Okay first of all, thank you for your letters! I just love hearing from each and every one of you. I am so grateful for all of you and feel like the luckiest lil missionary in the whole world.

 Things are really good here!! We are just teaching and teaching and I am hardly ever in my own area and so it gets a lil crazy, but honestly, I love doing divisions with the Hermanas. I think it is more for me than it is for them. And this week I had divisions with someone you might know... HERMANA OLIPHANT! Man! It was so fun! She is such a good little missionary. She came to my area with me and it was so fun to learn from her. I honestly learned so much! She is so diligent and obedient and just really loves the people. Even though we live in the same house, it was so fun to be able to just be with her as missionaries.

 I also had divisions with an hermana that I was with in the CCM. She is on the coast and you might think, oh the coast, like the beach.. WRONG. It just simply means that it is the most humid and hot place known to mankind. I was just dying a little bit, but it was fun to see how much this hermana has changed since our time we spent together in the CCM. She has lost like 50 pounds and I told her that I think I have gained every pound that she has lost. Not fair.

 We have an investigator named Luis that is going to be baptized this next weekend and he was in an accident and so he can´t remember hardly anything and gets really distracted. He is like 75 and this week we were trying to teach him about the Law of Chastity when he said... ¨Well Hermanas, what are you going to do if I make you fall in love with me? Do you still have to keep being a missionary?¨ Well Hermano Luis, we will see when we get to that point.. never. It was hilarious!! But hey, he is going to be baptized. Just pray for him that he can remember that even when he is with the ¨spanish chicas¨ he can´t drink coffee.

 I did something drastic.. I put blonde highlights in my hair. They really aren´t that noticeable but you just got to change things up a little bit when you have been a missionary for nine months.. you know what I mean?

I love you all and am so so excited to skype! I WILL BE SKYPING AT 5:20 GUATMEMALA TIME ON SUNDAY. And we have to be very very on time! I will try to call mom´s account. And I pray that it works!!!

Love from Guate... especially from the drunks on the street.

Hermanita Funk

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