Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hola hola hola

Hola hola hola!!!

Thank you for all of your emails! It is pretttty darn weird for me the Emily graduated! I was thinking about that and it is just pretty weird, and that she is going to college.... even weirder! One never thinks that life goes on... but it sure does!

This week has been so crazy! We had divisions two times this past week and then another one today. I went to a place called Patulul. It is in the coast and it is so HOT! Holy cow! But honestly ANYONE lets you come into their house and teach them, and even though they can’t really understand anything, they rock. They don´t have busses and so they travel in the back of pickup trucks... don´t worry mom, there are guard rails. But it is so fun! You just hop in the back with like forty other people and glide on the streets of the coast... with just some casual waterfalls on the way! It was so cool! Hot, but none- the- less cool. But honestly, I am learning so much from the sisters here. They are so incredible and I know I do these exchanges to help me become a better and more humble missionary.

Well, we did not have a baptism this past week but it is because Heavenly Father is preparing a miracle for this weekend, I just know it! There is one of our investigators whose parents live in the US and she lives with her cousins here in Guate. She has never wanted to be baptized until this past week when she told us that she really wants to do it! It was a miracle! But now we just need so many prayers that her parents are going to let her be baptized. Her name is Dafnee. I would appreciate it so so much! I know we will see a miracle this weekend!

Well, I decided to give you guys a little bit of knowledge about the bugs here is Guate. You see, I have about 40 bug bites on my legs. They consist of mosquitoes, black ants, and red ants. Now, mosquito bites do not even bother me, they are like a luxury compared to the others. Black ants getcha really fast, when they bite it hurts and burns, but after about 5 minutes, it goes away. NOW. red ants. OH ME HECK. I thought somebody had burned my foot! It bites and it BURNS. but then when the burning goes away, it give you an itch so bad that does not letcha sleep, but when you itch it, it burns away. The red ants win first place. Just thought I would put that fun fact in there.

I also ask that you pray for hermano sebastian, and hermana Amalia! WE WILL SEE MIRACLES!
I love you all. Have fun in Disneyland!

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