Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Day at the CCM

Alot of you have been asking, Miramy, tell us about a day in the CCM, so I am going to do that!

So we wake up at 6:30.. SURPRISE! Ad to be honest, it has not been hard at all. The first couple of nights I got a cumulative of 5 hours of sleep but that it because one of the Latinas was snoring, so then another Hermana gave me earplugs and MAN. It made all the difference! But anyway, we wake up and we have an hour to get ready, which is super nice! And then we go to breakfast. NOW. The food in the CCM has been rather hard on a lot of peoples stomachs. Almost every day people are throwing up and stuff but honestly I have prayed so hard that I would not get sick and have been very blessed because of it! I have not gotten sick, and you have to eat everything they put on your plate or else they get offended, so man.. it has been a little rough. But they do have ICE CREAM and fruit.. so ya know, I am just fine!

So after we have breakfast, we do personal study and companionship study and language study.. a lot of study, But Something interesting about those study times is that you are not studying for yourself and not just studying random language phrases, you are studying the things for your investigator, so you are constantly thinking about others which has been so awesome. I wish sometimes that I could just read the BOM, just whatever I wanted, but I know that I am out here to serve other people, not myself.

After that we have more classes, DEPORTES (sports, mom :) ) and dinner and then more classes and then we teach at night. That is about a day in the CCM. Now I have a couple things to tell you all about.

1. THE LATINOS. HILARIOUS. in the CCM, it is about half and half Latinos and North Americans. ( We cannot call ourselves Americans or else they get offended becuase they are Americans too. Whatevz. ) Anyway, they do not speak english. And I just want to get to know them so every day Hermana Godfrey (my compenera and I) go sit by them at meals and try our best to talk to them in our broken broken broken Espanol. It is hilarious. I am not sure if they are laughing at me, or if they think I am funny. Probably the first one. :) anywyay, they are just the sweetest girls and try their best to help us with our spanish and always have smiles. I seriously love them. Except for the one in my room snores... but I am over it. AND THEN there are the Latino elders... hmm hmmm hmm. I had to go and talk to our zone leader because at every meal.. well they just really love North American girls and so it was just constant stares and points and ya.. pretty funny though. I get a kick out of it sometimes and then others I am just like.. hmm. This is weird. But it has gotten better!

2. The water is constantly off. The first nightr we got here, a water pipe broke and flooded the girls rooms. So that was neat. And then they will just come around and tell us, "we are shutting off the water for 6 hours right now." Hmm, alright, thanks. And then sometimes actually like all the time, it just does not work. It is quite funny. Everything here is quite funny!

3. We are teching a real investigator!! His name is Daniel and he works in the kitchen. We had no idea he waws a real investigator until like the second time we taught him. our district all teaches him. Anyway, Hermana Godfrey and I decided that since we did not know like any spanish, we would do the best we culd and let the spirit take over. We quit wworrying about the language barrier and just did the best we could! We also started singing him hymns every night and I cannot even tellyou what a difference that has made. It has been the coolest expereince to learn that we are not teaching lessons, we are teaching people. We have been able to communicate through the spirit and he told us last night that he wants to be baptized! COOLEST THING EVER! and the thing is is that I know it is completely the spirit because We did not know enough Spanish to have it be anything else. It has been such a good growing and learning expereince. During one lesson I accidentally said "pescado" (fish) instead of "pecado" (sin) and he looked at me and said "tiene hambre?" ALRIGHT AMY.

4. I got called to be the Hermana Training LEader, which has been a very humbling experience. They do not usually call them until they have been in for at least two weeks, ad I got called on the second day because they accidentally chose two from one zone instead of one from each so they needed on from our zone. I just mostly make sure all the Hermanas are doing okay, and report it each Sunday. This past sunday we were having that meeting and they asked me different questions. SO. You know how I dont know like any spanish? So the only thing I could say was "esta Bien." to everything! ha, oh well, it was an experience to laugh about and I have a goal to get better!

5. some of the girls here know who miranda sings is! Hallelujah!

6. So I have been very discouraged with the lanugage. I mean, I am trying so hard but I can just not form sentences. I have been so down on my self and it has been a pretty rough week with that. Last night we had a devotional from Elder Scott broadcasted from the provo MTC and he talked about revelation, which was way cool. At the end he said, " I give you and Apolostic blessing from the Lord that those of you who are learning a language will be given the gift of tounges according to your faith and dillegence." It hit me like a brick. IT seriously was exactly what I needed to hear and I know that I can do this! I could appreciate your prayers as I put all I have into this!

Honestly, life is good. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I know that I need to be here. I must admit I have wished a lot this week that I can be home and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT HAS ONLY BEEN A WEEK?! But. That is not the point, the point is I am doing this because I know it is right.
I pray for each of you by name every night and even though I am on the opposite side of the world, I can feel your love. I am okay! I promise! I am not even lying! yes, it is hard, but if it wasn't it would not be work.
ALSO. You can send letters through Dear elder to here and also, mail gets to Guatemala just fine. Also, when sending a package, you don't need to put the stickers on, all you need to do is just put Hermana Funk!
I love you all so much. SO MUCH! I cannot wait to hear from you again!

Hermana Funk.


  1. What a great letter. Made me laugh in parts and tear up in others. We can tell Sister Funk is going to be an extraordinary missionary. Prayers are with her.

  2. So great to hear how things are going for you. Thanks for sharing. Don't stress out about the language - it'll come to you. El Espanol didn't come easy for me either. Then one night you'll be dreaming and in your dream your Mom will be speaking Spanish to you in your dream and it will seem completely normal. Then you'll wake up and think, Wow - now that was weird.

    We love you - Uncle Lance