Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some Things Are Meant To Be

I would title this week, "Somethings are meant to be". Yep, that is it. You want to know why? Well, here it is!

So You know how we used to pretend that we were each the girls from Little women in correspondence with our ages? And I was always Beth.. The one who gave people medicine and then got a fever of her own and died? Well, surprise, surprise, that is exactly what happened this week.. except I am not dead!

I have been giving medicine to all those who are sick and checking up on them and whatever, and then on Friday I woke up just sick. I had a fever, a cold, stomach problems and just about the worst feelings ever .I went throughout that day just trying my best and then woke up Saturday morning with an even higher fever and I couldn't do anything. Sister Nicolaysen (the MTC presidents wife) made me stay in bed and I could not sleep because I was so frustrated I was so sick. So I got up and kept going and then that night I had a blessing from my teacher Hermano Cano, who I think the world of. It was all in Spanish but I was able to get from it that my whole body would be healed, and I remembered in my setting apart blessing how it told me that I would see miracles. so that night I went to bed and asked and pleaded so hard that I would wake up healed, and I did. It was seriously a,amazing. I still have a cough and stuffy nose but it had not kept me from working or doing anything, I felt so so blessed!

So last week a group of people went to their missions and a new group came in. So this means that there are a lot of both Nortes and LATINOS (YESSS!) It has been so fun, and especially with the calling I have, I have had the opportunity to really get to know each one. I am loving it and just am grateful for this opportunity I have to serve them! It is so weird that the olders misioneros leave this next week and that we will be the oldest ones, and that I am halfway done! YES! It is awesome, but scary at the same time! But when the old ones left, we all got to get out of this prison (it really is a prison.. no one goes in or out and if you do there are guards with shot guns) yep. and we got to go to the mercado! It was really fun and just nice to get out and see a little bit of Guatemala!
I just have to tell you all, I am so grateful for you letters and emails. I seriously cry every time I get a letter because it makes me feel so loved and comes at the times when I need them most, so really thank you for always taking the time to do that for me. It means the world! and I am am only allowed to write back on Pdays, but I do write back I promise!!!

I am doing better with the language  Hermano Cano makes us speak only Spanish from 9 in the morning to ten at night... ya right... but I try my best! I really do, and I am noticing a difference. Do the Latinos laugh at my Spanish  Yes, yes they do. But do I care? No. I keep talking, because I know it is the ONLY way I am going to improve.

I want to tell you about some neat experiences I had this week that have really shaped me and my testimony.

1. I was having sort of a hard morning the other morning, just feeling really down on myself, and I was reading my scriptures. I was reading in D &C ten where is is talking about how ministering angels will come and carry the message of the truth to the people. I KNEW at that moment that Grandma Johnson was there. I could feel it. I know that her plan right now is not going to be to help me personally, but to help carry the message of truth to my investigators. She is going to be my constant spirit companion. I loved it and it has really given me strength to know that I am not alone in this experience.

2. I have realized this week why missionarys always say they are so happy. They are not happy because great things are happening to them, they are not happy because everything is going their way, they are happy because for once in their life they are completely focused on other people.  When you focus on other people, your own needs are taken care of. I have made a goal to in my prayers and in my doings each day to make others my top priority and it will bless me far more than it ever would if I was focused on myself.

OKay now for some funny moments of the week:
1. I am really good friends with this elder in my district named Elder Uribe. During deportes one night we decided to have hymn karaoke night. We had people join in doing solos, duets, all to Spanish hymns. It was hilarious! It is just the little things that keep ya going.

2. So there was this older missionary couple who came in to talk to us about mental health and such on Sunday night (instead of watching legacy :) ) and I was talking to the wife of the couple and I was asking her about their mission or whatever. I asked her,"how has it been?" she looked at me with horror and said "WHAT?" and I said "Hows it been?" and she said " Oh I thought you said, How is the Bed?" hahahahhaa okay.. yep I am asking you how is your bed. OH the memories.

3. Our whole distrito is sick. There is not one soul left. So We like to call ourselves the nose blow choir. And a fun fact. a district of Latinos cannot sing to save their lives so whenever they start singing, we have a nose blow choir performance to drown out the noise.
I think that is about it for this week. I am just trying my hardest and it is because of you all and the Lord that I have the strength to keep going, so really I thank you for that. You never know just how much it means until you are a missionary. It is the best. So thank you! I am putting my all into this all day every day and I know that it will pay off!

I love you and and pray for you each separately and by name each night. I can feel that heavenly father is with you all as well as with me!

Hermana Funk 

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