Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hurrah for Espanol


I know I know, I am writing on a Monday again! But it is because new missioneros are coming in this week and we are going on a field trip to.... WALMART. I have never been this excited or thought I would be this excited to go to Walmart in my whole life! But yes, the older missioneros are leaving, so you know what that means? We are going to be the oldest kids here is the CCM. Anyway, yes we are going to be the oldest and then we leave in two weeks! WHAT! so if you are sending any more letters, I would start sending them to the mission home. Also, with this next group of missionaries we are getting, we are getting only 8 Norte elderes, no new hermanas and 70 LATINOS. yes. I am actually really excited because I love latinos. Speaking of Latinos, actually, not speaking of Latinos, pero are you getting my letters I am sending? I have sent ones each pday.. I think. anyway, I have received a couple of your letters and I LOVE THEM! They make my whole day. They take about two weeks, and them sometimes they are very scattered! Anyway. I love your letters and I love you all!

Okay okay news from this week, not to much to tell but I will try my best to give you something!
Me and mi companera taught the plan of salvation to our invesigador this week. It was a really special lesson because I was able to use a picture of our family to tell about personal families. It added so much more to it and made me so grateful that our family can be together forever. 

We have learned a LOT of vocab this week, like ALOT. I have no idea how I am going to be able to remember it all, but I am just really trying my best! I try to use the things I learn in my conversation and so we will see, it is getting better and I know that it will just take time!

I have been also trying to strengthen my own testimony because I know that it is very important to do that in order to have the power you need for conversion. It has been a good experience and I know that it will pay off when I am teaching out in the field. I also had the thought this week, what if I have a trainer who speaks NO english?! ya, I am kinda scared. HURRAH FOR ESPANOL.

I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday in espanol.. that was pretty exciting. Also.. fast sundays at the MTC... MAN ARE THEY LONG! From 5 saturday night to 5:45 sunday... Ya.. hm. BUT I did it, and that is all that matters.

Okay.. now for the funny moments of the week!
1. our teacher has taught us that when our investigator tells us he or she has not been reading el libro de mormon, that we needed to be and act devastated. So We were teaching our investigator (our teacher) and I asked him if he had been reading his LDM, and he said that he was too busy. So then I proceeded to be devastated, just like he had told us too. It was kind of funny, but hey he commited to read cada noche :)

2. The girls here love love love to talk about home and about their future weddings with their prince charming at home. The other day at lunch, that was all they were talking about, about what wedding colors, etc.. and so me and my companion, trying not to get distracted from the work on the subject of boys, started talking about our funerals, like what colors we wanted and stuff. hahaha it was hilarious!

3. Latinos do not understand American phrases. THEY DO NOT. it is hilarious. A girl in my distrito asked our teacher if she "got a kick out of being an investigator" and our teacher was like, " well.. no, I do not know who is supposed to be kicking me." hahaha to good. these things happen every day.

That really is all from this week! I am just trying to learn espanol, strengthen my testimony and put everything into this! I hope that you all know that I pray each night for you and just love you with all my heart!!!

Hermana Funk

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