Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heyyy Babbby


 I promised I would send pictures, so here is one of me and my companion and then Amy´s creeper photo of the week, I hope you enjoy them... and I am so glad to hear that Grandpas funeral was so beautiful, I was thinking about that all week long and how I could not be there, but I could truly feel the spirit of grandpa with me and I just had to plead with the Lord to be there for me because I couldn't.

I had to go on divisions with a girl from our ward, ALL BY MYSELF. With no trainer, in an area that I did not know my way around... I literally thought that I was going to die. But I did it! I did it! and I got 4 new investigators and I taught 4 lessons, I did it all with the help of the Lord. But the girl I was with is 18, but she looks like she is probably 12 and so man..... the men in this area called San felipe.. man. There were a lot of drunks and they just really love people from different countries. I was walking and there was this one and kept calling, ¨HEYYyyyyyyy babbbbay!¨´ and I just put my head down and ran. And then one those same divisions I contacted the same lady 3 times without knowing it.. and so that was just real neat.

I had to give a lesson in english this week to this family who knows spanish but foer some reasons wanted it in english.. do not ask me why. Oh my goodness, you would have thought that I have never spoken english in my whole life. I struggled to find words for so long and it was hilarious. I literally could not give the lessons in english! And at the end, I was saying goodbye to the family and I shook the hand of the 24 year old son and before I could do anything, he pulled me in so fast and kissed me on the cheek. I ran out of the house and just could not even breathe. It was not funny at the time, but now that I look back.. hmm.. weird things happen in this place.

We also were coming to give a family a lesson on sacrifice, and share a video with them on sacrifice. The girls of the family were outside playing with a group of kids and so we told them to come in so we could share a message with them. We had to go and get a member to come with us and when we came back, we walked in the houise and all 11 children were in their awaiting the lesson. It was so funny! They all wanted to pray, they clapped and clapped when the movie about sacrifice was over and just loved it. And when it was over they all chanted, ¨otra! otra! otra!¨ so we might have 11 baptisms of children here pretty soon...

So our investigador Oscar is doing well, but he has a lot of doubts and it does not help that his girlfriend is evangelico and invites him every sunday. He has a testimony, but his friend is also giving him anti mormon literature, which is not helping either. WE have a goal to baptize him this sunday, and I know with your prayers that we and the Lord can answer his doubts and he will be baptized this week!

We also have a girl named Crisitna who is 17 years old and comes from a really rough family. But she has the desire to change and be baptized. So we need your prayers that we can find her family in order to get the papers signed and she can be baaptized on the 27 of October.

I know that with your prayers and help we can do this, and now especially with the help of Grandpa, there is nothing that we cannot do! Thank you and I miss you all more than words can say. HOnestly and truly. I love you all!


As I promised, a creeper Amy picture

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  1. oh I love that Hermana! I'm sure she'll have lots of the guys trying to kiss her cheeks often. She's a cutie even in her creeper pictures