Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Still alive and still running...everywhere


I have made it another week! I have done it. This has been a crazy and busy week, but I have done it. It is true that this time is like the longest weeks of your l;life, but I am trying my best and trying to keep my head up! Your emails and advice help me more than you guys know. Every day I pray for each one of you and I know without a doubt that your prayers are helping me so much! So thank you!

Like the pictures said, I had my first baptism! It was a really neat experience! But I had an ever better experience this week! I will tell you about it! Oscar is a friend of a man who recently came back to the church. Oscar is 28 years old, and lives with his family here in Antigua Guatemala. Never in my life have I met a man with more faith then Oscar. We have had several lessons with him, one of which was about sacrifice. The sacrifice of Abraham and how sometimes in our lives we are required to give sacrifices ourselves. The spirit was very strong, but little did we know the impression the spirit had made on Oscar's heart.  Oscar has a job that has committed him to work every Sunday during the hours that we have church. He has attended one time, and had the desire to be baptized, but did not think it was possible because with his work he cannot attend.

This past Saturday night we called him and asked if he thought it was possible that he could come to church that next day. He said there was absolutely no way, and that he would try to come the week after.
Sunday, we decided to pray and fast for Oscar and for his work to change. At the beginning of Sacrament Meeting, Oscar walked in! We were amazed! We were overjoyed that somehow he had gotten off work to come to church. At the end of the meeting, we talked with Oscar and he told us that his work schedule did not change, he decided to quit his job. he said that God was more important then money, and that he needed to sacrifice this for the Lord. Never have I met someone with such great faith. barbecue of his decision and faith, Oscar will be baptized this Sunday.

This has taught me something this week, this time is a sacrifice, and if I am not willing to make sacrifices for this work, there is not way that Heavenly Father is going to help my investigators to make sacrifices. The thing that has been most difficult for me has definitely been sleep. Because we normally wake up and 5 or 5 30 and it is truly really hard. but I made Heavenly Father a promise this past week that sleep was something of the world and I was willing to give it up. I just prayed for the strength and the health that I need. But I realize that when we make sacrifices, we are blessed and out investigators are blessed.
SOOOO news from this week.

Let me see, OH we moved houses. Thank goodness because we were literally living in an apartment for 2 and we had 5 girls in there. But here is the fun part. WE live up a really really steep hill and we had to carry all of our beds, closets, and everything else... so that was really fun and also it is really fun when the hermanos from your ward say they are going to come help you and no one shows up.. good thing I am really strong though, huh!

The men here... they just really like notre americano chicas.. and it is quite hilarious. Especially on the buses because after you contact the whole bus, you have to pass through seat through to obtain their address and so the men think that you just really love them and want to sit by them, and so they always give me their address, which is great but I think they think I am using it for something else other then preaching the gospel.. so that is just really fun!

I am still alive, I am still running... everywhere, still contacting 40 personas a day, still have the goal for 3 baptisms, still wet all the time, but for the most part I am happy! Which is a great thing! I love you all and am so grateful for each of you!!!


My first baptism! 
This picture speaks for itself...
I had my first baptism this week! This photo is of the family of the little boy who was baptized! It was a great experience!

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