Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Guatemala Learning Moments

Hey there fam!!

Well Yes, I did forget that it was Thanksgiving. Until this morning and I thought to ask my Ecuadorian companion when thanksgiving was... surprise, she was even more confused than I was! Who would have thought… but I guess it is soon. 

This week was a miracle miracle week! This week 2 people came to church who we had just simply contacted on the street, 1 that we didn’t even know, 3 that we had just taught one time and 1 that will be baptized this weekend. Really, I just feel so grateful. We did nothing! It was all the Lord. But every single one of them that came is ready for baptism, but it is going to take a whole lot of prayer. I am so serious. Satan is working hard, but we are working harder. But we NEED your prayers, well actually these people need your prayers so that they can be baptized the30th of November.... OFELIA, ALICIA, DANIEL, EDGAR, EILYN, DANIEL, FELIX, ANDREA, AND MELANY. Every single one of them could and will be baptized this month! I can feel it and I just know it. But please pray. And pray hard.  This week was really a miracle week. It is amazing to me how God does the part that we as humans cannot do. He is the only one that can testify and help them to make the changes in their lives. I know that when I am exactly obedient that he will do that huge part that I cannot do. 

Mayra..... the one whose dress ripped and we had to sew it up with missionary plaques... just continues to crack us up. She didn’t come to her confirmation because she got confused about the time and when we went to visit her, she said, ¨Hermanas, The Father wants us to go to Long beach California. The three of us. To the beach… long beach.¨ Well, if the Lord wants it, we must do it. But she really needs your prayers so that she can remember to come to her confirmation next week....

Scary moments of the week include almost face grabbed by a drunk man and also well... almost getting robbed by a man on a motorcycle, but I like to refer to these moments as learning in Guatemala moments, instead of scary ones.

I love being a representative of Jesus Christ. Here, I have come to know him, and because of that, I have learned to love him. 

I love you all!
Hermana Funk

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