Sunday, November 30, 2014

Working hard and loving life


Happy Thanksgiving!! The answer is no, they do not celebrate it here... and the answer is yes a turkey here costs 200 quets... and so If I do not want to eat for 3 weeks, I can buy a turkey, we will just have to see what happens. But nonetheless, enjoy it for me, will ya??

This week has been a really cool and hard and last week. I got to go do divisions again in Villa Nueva, and got to see the Lord´s converts that I love so much! We did something a little different for divisions, and went the area of the Hermanas really early to be able to study as four of us, and then we went and worked the four of us in their area to see how they teach together, and then we spilt off. It was incredible! Our plans completely changed when we saw them teach together and the Lord could tell us who needed to go with whom. Really, I love being able to do divisions... and President may or may not have told me that I will also be doing it my last change... I had a dream that I was going to go to the coast and train a new missionary for my last change.. but the Lord thinks something different.

WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS. I am so serious. This weekend is the last weekend in November and so it is the last weekend to be able to complete our goals. We need your prayers for Daniel.. his mom will not let him be baptized.. even though she is a member, she wants him to be older, but he wants to be baptized so badly. So PLEASE pray for him, and his mom, Elbia.
Also for the Hermanita Melany.. she needs the permission of her Dad. Even though she is not a member, she came to teach with us and she is incredible. She starts crying every time she talks about the church. Pray for her dad that he gives her the permission to be baptized.
I have all the faith in the world that we WILL see these miracles. We are being obedient, diligent and are going to put it all in the Lords hands. But please pray for them, by name, in every prayer that you do.

Funny moment of the week goes to a boy named Royer. He is 19 year old kid that we had taught once and he could not get over that North American was talking to him.. anyway, we went back for a second visit... bad idea hermana funk.. and he asked if we could have the lesson in English. Well, my companion speaks a little bit so we told him that it was okay. So when we started, he interrupted us and said, ¨Look.. Hermana Funk.. I want you to know, that when you feel lonely, when you feel sad, when you don’t even want to talk to your own companion, I am here for you. I will be the one for you. I need someone too so that I do not feel lonely and I feel like I can count on you.¨ I looked at my companion and told her ¨We need to leave right now. ¨She pulled out a pamphlet from her backpack, threw it at him, and said, ¨read it. okay bye.¨´ haha it was so awful.

Also... Mayra... it just continues to get better. She is completely lying that she speaks english.. she told me she wanted me to see what she had read in her English Book of Mormon that she had just loved, she opened it to show me, and it was the topical guide where it says ¨clouds.¨ hahaha

I have realized the change that every missionary looks for in the mission is his own conversion. I have been converted to the gospel here on my mission, I know that it is true. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ.

I love you all!
Amedawg hermnana funk

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