Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Guatemalan Thanksgiving

I know, I know, the big question of the day... Amy, what did you eat on Thanksgiving? I ate a piece of bread and a milk drink... how is that for a thanksgiving meal. But yesterday, we did celebrate Thanksgiving for District Pday.. but someone forgot to bring something to cook the stuff in, silver wear, something to cut the turkey.. but if you are wondering, my district leader thought about using a can lid to cut the turkey, and it worked like a champ. Happy Thanksgiving Guate.

This week was an awesome week! Melany and Daniel did not end up getting the permission of their parents, but they are surely converted to the gospel, and I know for a fact that they will have the permission soon and that they can be baptized. Melany said the prayer in the last lesson that we had with her and she started crying and said, “Please help my dad to feel and realize the happiness that I have. I want him to also have the joy from the true church¨ It was incredible. She has changed me and has made me realize how grateful I need to be for being born in a home where the gospel was known and taught.. thanks to you mom and dad.

This weekend one of my favorite investigators is going to be baptized. His name is Austin and he is a 65 year old man that carries around a radio everywhere he goes. He has a fake stomach, due to an accident he had and his answer to everything is “Tremendous”. I love him so much and he is so excited to be baptized! And it is also activating his less active cousin, so really, it is such a blessing.

I don’t know what I ever did to be so lucky to serve here in Guatemala. These people have changed me, and have made me realize the important things in life. They have made me realize just how imperfect I am.

If you are wondering, yes, our next door neighbor did receive a violin. Yes, he is the first Guatemalan I have hear play the violin, yes, he is studying Suzuki book 1, and yesterday I heard him advance to “Gavotte”. Yes, he does love to play at 10 at night and yes, yes, these walls are not very thick. Thanks mom, for all the years of violin practice.

I only found one coakroach in my shoe, and yes, Mayra still wants to go to long beach.

I love you all.
hermana Funk, a representative of Jesus Christ.

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