Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Epic Guatemalan Independence Day

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Hey Fam!!

Alaska! That is so cool. I hope it was as cold as it is here in Chimaltenango. But it does look really fun! congrats congrats congrats.

Let us start out with the funny moments this week.

1. It was Independence Day in Guatemala. But here it is more like Independance week. Boy, do they have some weird traditions. Each school basically has to get a running team together to be able to run a torch. And then all of Guatemalans stands out on the street to throw really hard bags of water at them.. and yes they are bags because they haven’t found out about water balloons yes.. and yes they hurt ten times worse. I am just saying... YOU NEVER WANT TO BE OUT ON THE STREETS WHEN THIS IS HAPPENING... and worse if you are white. My companion and I were walking down the street when all of a sudden we hear ¨GRINGAS! GET THEMMMM!¨ Needless to say we were running like gazelles while getting absolutely bruised and soaked. But the funniest thing is they don’t block off the streets for them to run, they just put buses behind them so that if anyone hits them, they hit the bus first. And then it all ended with the parade. We didn’t mean to be part of it or even the main attraction.. we just happened to be walking in that direction. Happy Independence Day everyone.

We are so excited and grateful for the investigators that we have right now. We may or may not have found the most chosen investigator this past week. While we were singing to contact a bus.. yes singing.. a guy told us that we could visit him. Anywho, we went and he was way cool. His name is Joseph and he is 19. But on the second visit, we went back and he told us that he looked up all about the church on line on and learned a ton. Then we pulled out the Book of Mormon to teach it to him and he said... ¨Hey, I have read that before.¨ He then proceeded to tell us how his coworker had left it on her desk and he had taken it and read the WHOLE BOOK in 6 DAYS. Can you believe that?? A kid who didn’t even know anything about the church?? Then he told us how he had to work in the capital for the week so he couldn’t attend church. But he called him on Sunday and he told us that he went to the capital and found an LDS church and attended! WHAT THE HECK. We were so excited! It just shows you how much the Lord prepares these people.

Marvin will be baptized this weekend and Elena the next weekend. Just please pray for them so much.
I have learned that if we are going through the hardest trials it means that the greatest miracles are ahead. 
¨I do not obey because I am blind. I obey because I can see.¨ 

Hermana Funk
ps. love ya

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