Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Marvin Got Baptized + Pictures

Description of the Pics: MARVIN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!
With Hermana Oliphant
Corte fairy princess dress up party!

Hey there fam!

Thank you once again for your letters. I just feel extremely blessed. I love you all and I do love the mission, we are seeing miracles. Miracles, miracles, miracles.

Marvin got baptized!!! Even though he had to stay in his work until Saturday... when he was supposed to return on Wednesday... but when people are trying to kill the mayor, apparently the police officers have to stay. Weird. But anywho, Satan did NOT want him to get baptized. Everything went wrong with the interview time, with his schedule, with his family, everything. But he got baptized! It was SO SPECIAL!! He invited his whole family, and the room was so full, it was a special day for him and all of us. I just felt so darn grateful. It all comes from obedience and sacrifice.

Elena and Evelyn will be baptized this weekend and they are both so excited. But we just need a whole lot of prayers for Joseph... whose name is not Joseph by the way... it is Juseph.... who knew right? BUT HE CAME TO CHURCH AGAIN! And boy was he the hit. And we are planning for his baptism this weekend too but his work just called him in.. and he works in the capital. But we have ALL the faith in the world that he will come home and that he will be baptized. We just need a lot of prayers.

I am way sorry that this email is very short... but my comp is going to send you the pictures from the baptism. It was so darn beautiful. This week I will have divisions with my mom, Hermana Satterhwaite. I AM SO STOKED.

Love you all!
Hermana Funk

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