Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Many Changes + Video of Amy Singing

You will never believe it!!

I HAVE CHANGES! I am leaving Chimaltenango... and leaving Hermana Merrell... after only 6 weeks! Yesterday they told us and we thought that they were kidding, but then we noticed that no one else was laughing.. and we started to hug each other and ball our eyes out, we were destroyed. Hermana Merrell finishes the mission in 4 weeks and we were positive that I was going to be here with her, but the Lord has other plans. I just have no idea where he wants me. But I will do it. You know the feeling where you just hope that you have accomplished all the Lord has sent you to an area to do? I just want to be able to feel that, not that I made a huge difference, just that I completed what the Lord wanted me to do.

I am extremely sad to leave Chimal because I love this place so much. Elena got baptised! And she was so happy. She has a son who lives in Utah who just completed a year as a member... yes mom, you can invite him over to your family home evening.. no I do not know if he speaks English... But she had asked the bishop if he would baptize her, but he decided that it would be better if this young man who is leaving for the mission did it. At her baptismal service, he got up and said. ¨I knew I had to give the chance to Billy to baptize you because I wanted him to represent your son. He would have done it if he were here.¨ It was so special!!

Our investigador Jussef... yes Jussef and not joseph.. yes I laugh almost every time I say his name... is doing so darn well. He is such a chosen person of our Heavenly Father and he will be baptized this weekend, I am completely bummed that I will not be here, but it is okay. I am just so grateful for him!
I am so grateful to be a missionary. It is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done, but I would never ever remake this decision.

I will leave you with a couple of funny moments. Here we go.

1. We were in a Noche de Hogar and I was sitting on a plastic bench thing, I have no idea what happened but I moved it and I fell over backwards and broke the chair.. I definitely broke the spirit as my skirt flew up and my head went crashing into the floor.. sorry
2. I have also distracted from the spirit in this week as I have received 9 mosquito bites on the bottoms of my feet and in my armpits. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THEY BITE ME IN THESE PLACES. But man.. they are the worst.

I love you all. I truly do. really.

Hermana Funk

Here's a video of Amy and her companion singing:

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