Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We Can't Choose Our Own Miracles From God

Dearest Family,

The title of my email just describes this past week. It is incredible the times you can feel like you are falling down in just a day, but there is always time to get back up! 

Eric was SET to get baptized! Like set. We had an awesome lesson with him on Friday, and he was set for Saturday. But then when we called him to come to his interview on Sat, he wasn’t here, but we were just going to do it Sunday. Well, Sunday came and he didn’t come to church. We decided that we were just going to go to his house to drag him... to his own baptism… after church, so we went there to find him sitting in his house. We entered and I said, ¨Hermano, we have something for you.¨ and I pulled out his baptismal clothes from my bag. He screamed ¨NOOOO! I cant I cant I cant.¨ We were so confused. But then he explained how he had drunk the night before... at the same time he was supposed to be in his interview... we were so sad, not that we weren’t going to have a baptism, but just so sad for him. But he reaccepted his date for the 2 of November. Just pray for him. He learned his lesson. 
Edgar was also SET to be baptized this next weekend, and came to church, and everything, but then Sunday night as we were going to teach him.. we saw him.. drinking a beer. THE SAME DAY AS ERIC! WE were distraught. We just love them with all of our hearts. But he accepted a new date for the 2 of November too. 
Let me just top it all off with me losing my wallet... with EVERYTHING in it, and also the bird that pooped on my companion. ALL IN THE SAME DAY! But you know what we have decided, the harder the trial, the bigger the miracle will be at the end of the trial, so are going to be patient and grateful, and I know we will see the miracle.

We are determined to baptize this weekend, so we went and searched in our area book for all of the people who have attended church in the past 2 months and who could possibly be baptized. Here are our options.. we don’t know them yet.. but we will. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM. WE WILL see a miracle. 
Familia Beliz
One or more is the chosen one. We know it. 
I am so grateful to be a missionary... no matter what happens. Even if my Jack o lantern that we carved a week ago molded up with black fuzz in two days, it is okay. haha

I love you all!!
Hermana Funk

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