Wednesday, October 29, 2014

General Conference

Hey Fam!

Yes I did watch General Conference. Yes I watched it in English. Yes I ran to the Chapel when they were speaking in Spanish so we could hear it and yes I loved it with all of my heart!

Here I am. I got transferred... if that is how you say it in English..not sure. But I am in a place called Villa Hermosa! I am still Hermana training leader and I am so stoked because know I will do divisions with all the girls here in the capital.. including VILLA NUEVA! I am so excited. My companions name is Hermana Brewster, and she is from Idaho and we have the same time in the mission, and so it has been really fun. Sometimes we just get a little jumpy when we hear the 510,000 airplanes that pass above our house everyday but really we are just doing so well. She is so obedient and diligent and we both are just so tired and both our bodies are giving out on us, so we are just helping one another out.

This week I had a really special experience. I was actually supposed to train this change (to my surprise) but then they said that sister missionary was sick and that she needed to go home. Her name was Hermana Caballero from Honduras. President told me and my companion that she would be working with us for a couple of days while they figured out her flight arrangements. When we first went into the room to meet her, she would not even look up at us. She was crying and did not want to talk. We decided that we were going to love her up and make her have the best experience while we could.

She had to go home for anxiety problems that she was suffering. It was so hard for her to face that fact, but even with this knowledge that she would be leaving to go home. In one of our last lessons that we had with her, she looked up at a guy and said ¨If I did not know this was the truth, I would not be here in these few moments to represent my Savior.¨ The night before she left, and even coming from a poor family, she left all of the money she had so that we could buy shoes for one of our little converts who doesn’t have any. And she wrote one of the most heartfelt letters to a person we had only visited once. Like my companion said when she left, ¨I will never take another day of my mission for granted”. That is the motto I am living by now. Hermana Caballero, even though I only knew her for 2 days, changed my whole mission and life.

I am loving this area. The members are awesome and there are not AS MANY mosquitoes. When I say not as many, I mean that I only get bit 4 or 5 times a night. So that is really a privilege. I promise I will send you pictures next week mom, don’t you worry my fair mother.

I will leave you with something that President Markham has asked us to do. At the end of every single lesson, we say five things, and truly they have changed the whole spirit of the mission.
1. We are representatives of Jesus Christ. We testify that he lives.
2. The Lord loves you and wants you to be baptized by someone who has his power and authority.
3. We testify that this power and this church was restored the prophet that God chose, The prophet Joseph Smith.
4- Will you pray... read... etc.
5. When you know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this is the Lord restored his power to baptize... will you be baptized.. etc.
We say it in every single lesson, and we have the goal to have a baptism every single week.

Being a missionary has truly gone from being in my head, to being in my heart.
I love Grandpa and thank him for being my constant companion in this last year. I could not have done it without him.
I love you all!

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