Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In love with Guatemala

Okay Hello. I love you all, and sorry but I barely have time this week, but it is okay, the work of the Lord will continue!!! 

This week was awesome. I love my companion. And I love being back in Chimaltenango. Antonio is doing great, He is so ecited for his baptism this week!! Like I said last week, he carrys his Book of Mormon in the same bag as his machetti. Last week he put his machetti aside, pulled out his book of mormon and said, [Hermanas, this, this is my protection.[ It simply inpsired me. 

We had an absolute miracle of having 14 people come to church this week. Theybasically all came on their own, and really, it was a pure miracle... including like 5 people that want to get baptised, so its fine if they want too, I guess we will let them. 

Yesterday we were walking down the street and we did not have anyone to teach! So once again, we said a pray telling our heavenly Father that we wanted someone to teach that wanted to be baptised this 1 sunday in February. WEll we kept walking when we saw these ladies and this lady screamed and said, [Are you still getting married in 4 weeks??* (ITs because my companion tells that to EVERYONE), anywho, we kept walking with her to her house and when we got there, we found her sister who started crying and telling us that she felt like god had abandoned her and the he didnt exist. She said that she had been praying that God would send her a sign, and he sent us. Even though she was drunk in the moment, it was a truly huge miracle. The Lord answers the prayers, and I have learned that I need these people much more than they need me.

Mom, I had a you moment. We are trying to visit all the ward members to make sure they know that we love them, and when we do, we make them a bookmark that tells them an attirbute that they have. Anyway. I asked a family when we could visit them and asked them what their name was and everything, and so we made a bookmark for la Familia Rodriguez and went to their house. We said a prayer asking that God would bless the Rodriguez family, and I start and was saying, well this week, we have been thinking alot about an attribute of Jesus Christ that the Fmaily Rodriguez has, and all the stuff and I gave them the bookmark. The lady looks at me and said, [Well, Hermana this is really nice, but who is the Rodriguez Family?[ I looked at her and I was like,[well, Hermana, whats your last name?[ And it was the Tobillas Family! I used the excuse.. which was true.. that my ear had been clogged all day and barely couldnt hear anyone.. but poor things, they thought we had come to their house to tell them the attirbutes of their neighbors. Way to go hermana funk, way to go.

I love you all. I love Guate.
Hermana funk

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