Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Waking up on the coast, falling asleep in the mountains.

Hey there fam!

Well... suprise... I am no longer in the coast. I am in the mountains.... in CHIMALTENGANO AGAIN! On Friday morning, President called and said, Hermana Funk, can you do me a favor? Can you pack your bags? There was an hermana training leader who had just been called, but then she had a siezure and they sent her home. I feel absolutely heartbroken for her.. but they sent me here to chimaltenango again and I am happy to do it for the Lord. And so last week as I was writing you, I was absoultely sweating, but this week I am shivering. Funny how things happen huh?? But I know the Lord has a special work for me and I am being obedient and dilligent to find out what it is. and right now I am on divisions in an even colder part of Guate, so hip hip hooray that I left all of my jackets at home.. smart one amy.

My companion is awesome. Her name is hermana Arguelles and I just love her. Thanks to her and her example, I have come t o realize just how imperfect I am and I LOVE it. She is who I want to become, and I am learning a ton. We both go home on the same day, so I am not sure what they are going to do with our area... only time will tell. 

I need to share with you guys an absolutley amazing miracle that came from one potent prayer. We were in a place called Socobal looking for someone to teach, and my companion said, [We should say a prayer.[ So I said it and I said please help us to find a mom, a dad, and kids that will listen to us and that will come to church tomorrow and that will be baptised on the fourth of January. We ended the prayer and knocked the door. First, left a little boy who told us that his mom was busy.. so we told him to go tell her that we were going to help her. She let us in and out came two more of her kids.. and then she said... And my husband is on his way home! We taught the whole family, they came to church on Sunday and now we KNOW they will be baptised on the 4th. Prayer works. I just felt so grateful.

Yesterday we knocked a door and out left a 90 year old woman who let us in.. but she did not talk at all. We told her that we were going to sing her a Christmas song and so we started singing and she left running. We kept on singing in hope that someone else would listen to us. Well she came back, with a dried corn husk in her hand and gave it to me. Then she left again and brought back aother one for my companion. Then we said the prayer and she left running in the middle of the prayer and came back with dried bean pods. It was absolutely all she had and she gave it to us. Someday I hope to be exactly like that. 

There is no where else in the whole world that I Would rather be than here. I love my Savior and I KNOW that I am a worthy represenative of him. He knew I had to come here to be able to know him. ANd more than any other year, I know this year the he lives. 
I love you all more than you know.ñ
Hermana Funk

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