Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The New Year

Hey there fam!

Well this week was a fabulous week. If you are wondering, no I was not up at 12 to welcome in the new year, but they sure did wake us up. They have this tradition of doing fireworks.. like every single person here in Guate.. and lighting them all off at the same time. It litterally sounded as if there were fireworks under my pillow and under my bed. I sure slept awesome that night... I love Guatemala. 

This week was yet another week of miracles. I will tell you two of them that have changed me as a person.

1. Antonio. The last sunday, we were walking on the freeway.. dont worry mom, it is normal here. Anyway, I saw a man sitting down with his bike and even though we were trying to get to a lesson, the spirit told us that we needed to talk to him. So with all the sound you could possibly want from a freeway, we shared a scripture with him and told him we were going to visit him on Tuesday in the Church. He came and was just so willin gnad accepting of everything. The third visit he told us, ¨Hermanas, I need to tell you guys something. The day that you guys found me, in that exact moment, I was making a life decision. I was deciding if I was going to stop drinking or not. From that moment that you guys have found me, I have not drank again..¨ He is SO excited to get baptised on the 18th and absolutely loves his Book of Mormon. He carries it around in the same bag as his Machetti. Great combo. But really, the Lord places us in the exact spot in the exact moment.
2. Maria. We were running to a visit because we were SO LATE. anywho... as we were running we saw an old lady that was carrying plastics cans in a huge bag that was bigger than she was. The spirit told us to help her, but I just ignored it because we were late. but when we kept running, the impression came again and we turned around and carried the bag to her house with her. We didnt think anything about it and kept going after. Two days later we were walking and we hear a scream, ¨HERMANAS!!!!!!¨ and this old lady running towards us.. and I started running in the other direction because I got scared.. just like you did mom that one time that the old lady was crossing the street.. hahaha. Anywho, it was same hermana. She had remebered us, the next day came to church and will be getting baptised. 

So the clumsy moment of the week goes to me falling into a pot hole yesterday... I couldnt see it.. it was dark and I only almost broke one leg.. just call me hobbit for the day.
you would think that after a year in the mission your spanish would be pretty good, but Hermana Funk, well, I amstill learning. The word ¨to bury¨ like burying a person the word for when you admit someone to the hospital, are basically the same. Anywho, this ladywas telling us a really sad story about how her daughter had been admitted to the hospital but then had a miraculous recovery.. anywho, yours truly instead of asking when they had admitted her to the hospital, I asked them when they had buried her. Needless to say, she will never listen to us again.

The mission is a purifying process. And that is what I am here to do, come home pure and clean. 
I love you all.

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